Friday, July 1, 2011

Clinton Twp. native debuts in 'True Blood' role

I Love the little home town newspaper article about the actors ...

Los Angeles Bon Temps, La., isn't a real place, but the fictional town that Sookie (Anna Paquin) and her supernatural friends call home on HBO's hit vampire drama "True Blood" does have a culture and soul all its own.
Perhaps this is why actor Dean Chekvala, a Clinton Township native, feels so at ease at La Louisianne, a restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles' Crenshaw neighborhood, when he sits down to talk about his exciting new recurring role. Chekvala, who made his debut last week in the season opener, plays Roy, the Wiccan with the ponytail.
"We didn't have food like this on the set," says Chekvala, 33, before ordering a chicken Po Boy.
"The show is shot here in Los Angeles and we had regular craft services food," says Chekvala, who is best known for his turn on "Harper's Island," CBS' short-lived horror series. "But there was a Mexican day."
Additional credits include the web series "Reception" ( and the AT&T wireless "Pure Imagination" commercial.