Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sookie’s dream on True Blood ( a three way !)

I guess this is when we get the " imagine them both in her life" scenes we've been hearing about.

The Aug. 21 episode of “True Blood” is must-see for followers of the phantasmagorical, socially relevant and often hilarious series. Not only is the witch-versus-vampire war at full pitch, with various “shifters” running loose in the night, but Sookie has a dream sequence that will be much buzzed about: a fanciful feminist take on the vampire/human/vampire three-way. Something not everyone has considered before…
In a season mulling the ideas of altered identity, stolen identity and faked identity, (when does one’s most humane part excuse one’s basest behavior? when do we all engage in shape-shifting and masquerading?), the intimate relations of the three central characters remain compelling. A wild, invigorating ride.