Thursday, July 22, 2010

Deafula - "Dracula in Sign Language" 1975

DEAFULA (1975)

The first nationally-distributed feature-length film presented entirely in American Sign Language, Deafula occupies a unique position as one of the rarest vampire movies of all time.
The story focuses on Steve Adams, a young theology student who just happens to turn into a vampire (complete with a flowing cape, pointy ears, a giant nose, and big pointy teeth) from time to time, but has no memory of doing so after the fact. After a chat with a friend who is investigating the bloodless corpses turning up around town, Adams begins to have flashbacks to his childhood - including one scene in which his bloodlust causes him to rip out the throat of his puppy. Having previously believed he had just been an unusually anemic youngster and the son of a simple minister, these memories prompt Adams to investigate his past; he finds that he is actually the son of no less than Count Dracula himself.

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