Thursday, November 27, 2008

The unaired Original True Blood pilot with the other Tara

Watch the full length video of the unaired True Blood pilot.

This episode includes the other actress as Tara (Brook Kerr) instead of Rutina Wesley.

There is also the "blue eyes ladies in the woods" (who we think might be Claudine, her fae cousin ) during the Sookie/ Mack Rattray fight.

This episode also has missing scenes and has very different music.

POPTUB at the True Blood Premiere

Happy Thanksgiving from True Blood in Dallas

Happy Fangsgiving to everyone !

We Love Pam's look ...

Now what is in that purse ?

Preview "Sparks Fly Out "episode 5 aired Oct 5

Alex Skarsgard who is from Sweden being interviewed by a Swedish morning chat show ..

Eric first speaks Swedish to Pam in Ep 4

The Northman favors us with a little Swedish ( its interesting that Pam has picked up a little after spending the past 150 years with Eric -she is English in the books and about as old as Bill )

Eric : Vår lilla djurpark börjar växa till sig... Our little zoo starts to grow...
Pam : Jag vet. I know...

The Best Vampires TV Can Make By Don Baird

November 27, 2008
.........Finally, quite by accident while visiting some friends and discovering the genius that is TiVo, I took in several episodes of a new TV series that I knew nothing about until last night. The series is called True Blood and is on HBO, and of all the vampire movies and programs I’ve seen, this one is totally amazing. I was spellbound and riveted by the brilliant premises and the integration of vampirism into a modern day setting, as modern as a backwoods southern town and it’s twisted eccentric and simple characters get. With the development of synthetic blood by the Japanese, vampires have become fellow citizens as opposed to legendary monsters and religious leaders and government officials have chosen their sides on the issue and speak of it on television frequently while the people of this town, Bon Temps, deal with it in their own unique ways.

Some of the interesting variations on the usual legend involve the willful choice to become a vampire, exercised by some through a series of injections that chillingly resemble IV drug addiction, complete with raging post-hit sexual activity, while others stick to the old-fashioned way of letting a vampire feed from them, also usually related to a burning lust-driven act of physical passion. The vampires have a sense of order and law governing their behaviors, so loving a human is a forbidden act and punishable in numerous grisly ways. The availability of synthetic blood supposedly removes humans from the vampire menu, but there seems to be a bit of a grey area around this notion as humans keep turning up dead, as do vampires. Along with vampires, other elements of the supernatural or occult come to surface like demonism and voodoo rituals and shape-shifters, a man who can transform into a dog then back to human, running naked through the woods to everyone’s surprise and curiosity.

The show’s creator, Allan Bell ,was the genius behind Six Feet Unde,r and as usual his talent in casting really ignites this often funny and very frightening drama. There’s tons of sex and nudity and very foul language, and in one of the more bizarre folds of the story, a human couple kidnap a vampire and hold him prisoner just to drain his blood slowly. When they drink it in small amounts they have the most intensely sexual psychedelic experiences, super-human sexual achievement and a distinct need or craving for more. The visuals alone during the opening credits are somewhat akin to an acid trip, featuring images of decomposing dead animals in time-lapse, Southern Baptist church services, graveyards, blood splatters, baptism in a river, strippers, guns, dead possums etc. The cast is incredibly hot, stunningly beautiful to menacing and creepy men, charming and sweet looking southern girls, and a number of familiar character actors from all over TV land. This show just has it all, and I especially love the bits and pieces you see on a television in the background, beer-like advertisements for Tru Blood, messages from the American Vampire League, Vampire lawyer commercials, etc.

This show was the most fun I’ve had watching TV since Six Feet Under ended. Don’t miss the chance to take this show in; it’s better than a crime scene and it turns Vampirism completely loose unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

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