Saturday, July 17, 2010

'True Blood': Grant Bowler reflects on his 'love scene' with Stephen Moyer, the brilliance of Don Swayze, and the size of Joe Manganiello

It’s been a month since we were introduced to Coot, the biker who helped abduct Bill for the King of Mississippi, played by Grant Bowler. But that was definitely a memorable first impression — for everyone. “When you get an audition scene where you’ve got a silver chain wrapped around Bill Compton’s neck and you’re feeding off him and howling, you kinda go, I think I’m a werewolf addicted to V,” Bowler says. “That was a love scene. It took all day to shoot, and Stephen Moyer and I laughed so hard in the back of the car – we were almost blowing takes, we were giggling so much — that we actually fell in love. We’re having a bromance.”
Moyer may have some competition. Bring up how fantastic Don Swayze was on the other side of Moyer, and Bowler — who phoned PopWatch yesterday while on a break from shooting the adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged — can’t help but rave. “Don Swayze was irrepressible. Swapping the blood [with the front seat passenger] was in the script, but the entire way Don went about doing it, the complete wrongness of it, that was all him. ‘Shall I lean in right over his mouth?’ Ahhh. Don is fearless. He’s absolutely fearless. We’re in the back of that shot, and I’m howling with laughter and it’s all that Moyer can do to keep a straight face and look like he’s in agony ’cause Don Swayze just pushed the boat out and let go.”

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