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Vampires aren't the only monsters in True Blood

From the New Zea land Listener

Alan Ball does for vampires what he did for funeral homes in True Blood (Prime, Wednesday, 9.30pm), the “new Southern Gothic” series based on Charlaine Harris’ novels. Where Ball’s previous series, Six Feet Under, was set among the world of the dead, True Blood brings the undead out into the light to explore themes of homo-phobia, drug addiction, racial prejudice and love in the face of society’s disapproval.

It’s also sexy, dangerous, bloody and way more grown-up than Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Kiwi Anna Paquin plays Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress in a bar in the small Louisiana town of Bon Temps. Into her life walks 173-year-old Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), a vampire who has rejoined the world of the living due to the invention of Tru Blood,a synthetic sustenance for the fanged.

Her association with Bill is frowned upon. There is deep suspicion of vampires (“God Hates Fangs” says a sign outside a church, in a reference to another hateful slogan), but, of course, there are lots of other monsters to worry about, such as the meth-heads who are addicted to “V” – vampire blood – and the murderer preying on women in Bon Temps.

There are fabulous performances from Ryan Kwanten (Sookie’s skirt-chasing brother, Jason), Rutina Wesley (Sookie’s best friend, Tara) and especially Nelsan Ellis (Tara’s cousin, Lafayette). But the series hangs on the performance of Paquin, whose pretty, unusual face can express every emotion with the merest of movements. It’s little wonder she won the Golden Globe this year or that the series has been renewed for a second season.;jsessionid=2B0075E497FC61DCE8E50ADA18C8891E

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True Blood goes to the movies: Lois (Gra ) Smith stars in Hollywoodland

Lois Smith plays Helen Bessolo, mother of George Reeves ( Superman)

Hollywoodland 2006

An exploration of fame and identity, inspired by one of Hollywood's most infamous real-life mysteries. June 16, 1959. The glamour of Tinseltown permanently fades for actor George Reeves, the heroic Man of Steel on TV's Adventures of Superman, as the actor dies in his Hollywood Hills home. Felled by a single gunshot wound, Reeves leaves behind a fiancée - aspiring starlet Leonore Lemmon - and millions of fans who are shocked by his death. But it is his grieving mother, Helen Bessolo, who will not let the questionable circumstances surrounding his demise go unaddressed. Helen seeks justice, or at least answers. The Los Angeles Police Department closes the case, but Helen hires - for $50 a day - private detective Louis Simo. Simo soon ascertains that the torrid affair Reeves had with Toni Mannix, the wife of MGM studio executive Eddie Mannix, might hold the key to the truth. But truth and justice are not so easily found in Hollywood. Simo pursues dangerous and elusive leads in both high and low places and, in trying to turn up the heat, risks getting burned. The detective also uncovers unexpected connections to his own life as the case turns more personal and he learns more about Reeves himself. Behind the icon was a complex man who gave his life to Hollywood in more ways than one.

True Blood - Season Two Premiers Sunday June 14th 2009

True Blood - Season Two

Sunday June 14th 2009

True Blood - Episode 2.06 - Friend Is a Four Letter Word - Casting Call

This episode will start filming on the 20th March and is directed by Michael Lehman and written by Brian Buckner.

[HUGO] Early 30s to 40, a buttoned-down accountant or lawyer type, he is Isabel's human boyfriend. He is locked up with Sookie in the bomb shelter of the F.O.T.S. Church...GUEST STAR (3) WILL APPEAR IN TWO EPISODES. PLEASE SUBMIT CAUCASIAN ONLY.

[MIDDLE-AGED MAN] Seen in flashback, middle-aged, and drunk when we meet him, he and his beautiful companion are enjoying the music at a 1920s Art Deco House. He is shocked but intrigued by Lorena's invitation to enjoy the scandalous after-hours partying. Later, we watch as Lorena and Bill have their way with the terrified Middle-Aged Man...1 speech & 6 lines, 2 scenes (5)

[YOUNG WOMAN] Seen in flashback to Prohibition days, she is the Middle-Aged Man's beautiful, much younger date. She is innocent and sad, later victimized...3 lines, 2 scenes (5)

[FEMALE HUMAN BLOOD HOOKER] This human blood hooker is allowing a clearly disinterested Eric to drink from her...4 lines, 1 scene sptv050769(1)

[BONITA LOU] 50s - 60s, she is Maxine's fun-loving friend; the two are seen dining at Merlotte's...2 lines, 2 scenes (21)

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If Google was Dracula

I don't know but I thought i'd post it anyway.

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From L.J. Smith's Amazon Blog

This means that you can take a look inside even the newest book in the series, Nightfall, right now!

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And there’s more, believe it or not. There is also a limited time Full Access Browse Inside of the first Vampire Diaries Omnibus (featuring The Awakening and The Struggle). That means that you can read the first two of the Vampire Diaries books—absolutely free!

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If you can't get the links to work, try my website--they should be up very soon.

This feature will be online until March 27th. Then it’s gone, friends, so please take a look right away if you’re at all interested!

I might also mention that there are two new short stories up for those that haven’t seen them: Elena and Matt: First Date and Damon and Bonnie: After Hours. Sorry if it seems tame news after the first! You can find them on the Stories page as pdfs.

Loving True Blood in Dallas book suggestion: Jane Austen battling zombies and as a frustrated vampire

Austen Meets Alien in ‘Pride and Predator’

For some viewers, the idea of another Jane Austen-inspired period drama is sufficiently monstrous, but a coming film project seeks to update the formula with actual monsters, Variety reported. The movie “Pride and Predator,” directed by Will Clark and written by Mr. Clark with Andrew Kemble and John Pape, will juxtapose brooding aristocrats with a brutal alien that lands in 1800s-era Britain, attacking residents and leaving them with neither sense nor sensibility. The film, to be produced by Elton John’s Rocket Pictures, is the latest work to mix the hoary costume genre with elements of horror. A book called “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” credited to Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith and published by Quirk Books, will combine the Austen novel with “all-new scenes of bone-crunching zombie mayhem.” And a coming novel by Michael Thomas Ford called “Jane Bites Back” depicts the 19th-century author as a frustrated vampire, taking revenge on those who have made money from her work.

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Obama battles vampires for Galaxy prize

Can Barack Obama see off a teen vampire queen and a Booker-winner as successfully as he trounced John McCain? The newly elected US president is up for author of the year in the Galaxy British Book Awards for his political memoir The Audacity of Hope, alongside Stephanie Meyer's conclusion to her vampire tetralogy Breaking Dawn, Aravind Adiga's Booker prize-winning The White Tiger, and Diana Athill's memoir of old age Somewhere Towards the End.

Obama is also shortlisted for the biography of the year prize for his bestselling memoir Dreams of My Father, where he faces an even more eclectic collection of fellow nominees: Paul O'Grady, Marcus Trescothick, Dawn French, JG Ballard and Julie Walters.

A spokesperson for the prize said that the American president would be welcome to attend the awards ceremony on 3 April. "He's in London for the G20 summit, but I think he will be otherwise engaged," she added.

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Borders Author of the Year

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga
Somewhere Towards the End by Diana Athill
The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry
Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
The Audacity Of Hope by Barack Obama
The Road Home by Rose Tremain

Casting Thor - Will Alexander Skarsgard Nab the Lead?

Wow what a buzz this story has...

So, rumors are running rampant across the 'net of Alexander Skarsgard possibly being cast as Thor in the Marvel Studios production of the same name. Hello, 'late to jump on the Alexander Skarsgard bandwagon' people. Nice to see you all figure out Skarsgard would make a great Thor, although half of the reports flying around the web make mention they have no real idea who this Skarsgard dude is. Fans of HBO's Generation Kill and True Blood certainly know their Skarsgard, and I'm willing to best most of those who watched him take on the part of Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert can easily picture him starring in a huge budgeted action film.

With Kenneth Branagh firmly in place to direct and a July 2010 release date, the true casting details are sure to emerge soon. If it's a 'big recognizable name' Marvel and Branagh are looking for in their Thor, then they should surround Skarsgard with a big name actor or two. Additional rumors floating around mention Josh Hartnett and even Channing Tatum as possibly being considered for roles in Thor. IESB tossed Hartnett's name out there as being a very likely candidate for the role of the villain, Thor's brother Loki. But right now it's all rumors and speculation. And, who knows? Maybe Branagh's got someone other 6'4" blonde-haired buff actor in mind that the internet community hasn't even mentioned yet...

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True Blood Music Video of the Day:She just happens to date the Prince of Darkness ( How it began) by Say Hi to your Mom

She just happens to date the Prince of Darkness ( How it began) by Say Hi to your Mom