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True Blood Season 4 ep 4 " I'm Alive and on Fire" ( Ep. 40 ) Preview HBO video

Kristin Bauer - Actress: (Best Known for her role in "True Blood") No Hate Campaign

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Kristin Bauer van Straten Sharpens Her Fangs On "True Blood"

The sweet yet lethal Pam De Beaufort is portrayed by the very lovely and less lethal Kristin Bauer van Straten on the favorite show of yours and mine, "True Blood." She puts the fangs away long enough for us to give her a message from her co-star Alexander Skarsgard and to hear about the only time she may be lethal is behind the wheel of a car. It's all in fun. Hosted by Oliver Trevena.

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Charlaine Harris to be Author Guests of Honour at Polaris 25 convention this weekend in Tororonto

Polaris 25 marks Harris' first-ever Canadian convention appearance.

Polaris’ roots began as a Star Trek convention in 1986 and it has grown to focus on a variety of sci-fi and fantasy novels, television shows and movies, as well as various related genres such as horror, comics, and more.
Generosity also plays a large role at Polaris, as the not-for-profit convention raises funds every year for various causes including the Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto charity.

Polaris 25 will be held July 15-17 at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel. For more information, visit, or phone 416-410-TCON.

The Werewolf Workout Routine

Ack !!

Joe’s workout includes working out 6 times a week and twice a day with a 45 minute cardio session in the mornings before breakfast. Although this is a simulated workout routine, I have included all the research that I was able to find out on his workout and then added some of my own training experience to make sure it provides the best similar results.
Days 1, 3 & 5
Morning: 30-45 minutes running on treadmill (5 minutes high intensity interval training)

Afternoon Arms, Back, & Shoulders
3 sets of 10-12 reps of the following exercises:
Bench tricep dips (view exercise)
Seated Military Press (view exercise)
Alternating incline dumbbell curls (view exercise)
Pull ups (view exercise)
Shoulder dumbbell presses (view exercise)
Standing dumbbell curls (view exercise)
Tricep rope push downs (view exercise)
Lat Pull downs (view exercise)
Seated cable rows (view exercise)
Cable Hammer curl (view exercise)

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Sherlock PBS Masterpiece nominated for Emmy

I know's not vampire connected but we all love mysteries and if you didn't watch this last fall on PBS you really missed a great series and the Emmy's just confirmed that today with a number of  Emmy nominations. Benedict Cumberbatch is just great as Sherlock ( yes, really that's his name) and Dr Watson is an Afghanistan war vet !

Buy this now ! It's 3 1 1/2 hour episodes !

Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special- Sherlock: A Study In Pink (Masterpiece) • PBS • A Hartswood Films production for BBC cymru wales, co-produced with Masterpiece Charlie Phillips, Editor

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Why kill off Sookie's faery Godmother NOW?

I think because Claudette and Claude will be introduced and I think Claude will become Sookie's new fairy Godmother ( ala Lloyd who is Barry's )

If you are not a 'bookie' (a reader of the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse novels upon which HBO's True Blood is based) then it may have only been a surprise not a shock when Claudine (played by Lara Pulver) was murdered by Amnesia!Eric right before Sookie's and our eyes.
Claudine had returned to 'our side' to implore, then demand that Sookie return to 'Faery' with her. When Sookie declined her faery godmother's invitation, then stated firmly that she wished Claudine to take a flying leap...she couldn't have known that Eric was listening and would, with his hypervamp-speed snatch Claudine up and proceed to feed on her--fatally. (Scroll down for more HBO copyright screenshots that I clipped---plus the official promo photo stills from this episode.)
In the book series, which I'll gingerly tred around as best I can (some people may interpret this as SPOILERS so be forewarned), Claudine is one of a trio of faery triplets---2 girls and a guy. We've met Claude in the True Blood  Faery as a rebel fae who helped save Sookie from Queen Mab. In the books there existed a 2nd female triplet who is dead when Sookie's world and the Fae's 'collide.'

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True Blood nominated for Emmy's

Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-Camera Series
Beautifully Broken • It Hurts Me Too • Trouble
Suzuki Ingerslev, Production Designer
Cat Smith, Art Director
Laura Richarz, S.D.S.A., Set Decorator

Outstanding Makeup For A Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic)
9 Crimes
Brigette Myre Ellis, Department Head Makeup Artist
Lana Horochowski, Key Makeup Artist
Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series
Hitting The Ground
John Benson, Supervising Sound Editor
Jason Krane, Dialogue and ADR Editor
Christian Buenaventura, Dialogue Editor
Steve Stuhr, Dialogue Editor
Stuart Martin, Sound Effects Editor
Fred Judkins, Foley Editor

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series
Alfre Woodard as Ruby Jean Reynolds

Charlaine Harris Sets End Date For Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries Series

We all have know for years that the Sookie book would end at book 13 - but Charlaine is saying it now- a -days in interviews so the True Blood folks are going nuts !

Post in comments what the title of the last 2 books should be !

A little more than ten years ago, Sookie Stackhouse first appeared as the narrator and protagonist of a Charlaine Harris book called Dead Until Dark. After pretty solid sales, she returned a year later in Living Dead In Dallas. Then another book followed and then another until a new yearly entry in her Southern Vampire Mysteries was an expected, regular and high-selling guarantee. In the fall of 2008, writer/ producer Alan Ball adapted the series into the HBO phenomenon True Blood, and since, the Charlaine Harris novels have exploded in popularity. In theory, they could have gone on forever, but the author announced a definitive end date earlier this week.

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True Blood’s Kristin Bauer Probably Won't Bite You, Especially If You’re Wearing a Cape

It’s difficult enough making it as a working actor, but it’s even trickier if you’re an actor on the HBO vampire-fetish drama True Blood. The show has a Cannonball Run–sized cast, with storylines competing, like a gang of prepubescent boys with a stick and a dead frog, to see which can be the grossest. If you’re in the True Blood cast and you want to be noticed, you have to either have explicit and blood-soaked sex in which you or your partner (or both) is bitten, mauled, disfigured, or had his or her head turned 180 degrees, or be a hot guy with ridiculously ripped abs who repeatedly takes off his shirt for no apparent reason.

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True Blood's Alexander Skarsgård Transforms From Vampire to Viking!

The only thing better than Alexander Skarsgård shirtless on True Blood? How about the Swedish stud in a skimpy Viking costume?
If you agree, you're about to be very happy. The Swedish hunk is set to not only star in—but also produce—the Viking adventure flick, The Vanguard.
So what's Skars' upcoming project about, exactly, and what is his personal connection to it?
A studio rep confirms to us that the film centers on a pair of Viking warrior brothers who attempt to return to Sweden aft

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