Monday, September 19, 2011

True Blood: A Couple Of Things We Missed by Jefwithonef from Houston Press

Listen, Gothtopia makes mistakes... mostly mistakes named Amy, but sometimes we make other, non-werewolf-obsessed sex-partner mistakes too. For instance, there were two musical stories involved in this season of True Blood that the high journalism standards we try so very hard to pretend to have demanded we cover, but we just plain missed. Usually, we would have waited until the show had a lull while showing repeats to address these lapses, but this is the first season where there was literally no break in the action.

Now that it's over, we'd like to address those musicians we offended by omitting them, and the first is from right here in Houston. Chris Knudson, better known as Kanude, is a singer now based in Austin laying down a combination of rock and Americana he calls Americronica. He's wandered all over the country plying his trade, and even as far as Berlin, and earns our respect for having worked with Robert Rodriguez on the score for El Mariachi.

​Kanude's tune "Wheels" made its appearance back in the second episode, "You Smell Like Dinner." Rocks Off too busy throwing up in our mouths whenever we typed Jinx Titanic and Super 8 Cum Shot, which was the band we chose to focus on since the episode was named after their awesome single.

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Charlaine Harris & Laurell K. Hamilton

More photos here and no that's not the library that was a near by Episcopal church HERE

A few things about books 12 from an earlier CH interview

Will she ever realize that she has the perfect guy in Sam, who she seems to only view as her best friend right now?
A Charlaine Harris :The forthcoming books will have your answer.

Do you think Quinn will make another appearance in the novels before the end of the series?
A.Charlaine Harris :Uncertain on that.

Will we see Niall in the next book?
A Charlaine Harris :Yes.

Where did Eric hide Debbie Pelt's car?
A.Charlaine Harris :I believe it's at the bottom of a pond way back on someone else's property. But that's just a rumor.

If you could go back and change anything in your Sookie-verse, would you?
A.Charlaine Harris :Hmmm. Yes, I wouldn't kill Claudine, and I would have left out the Sino-Aids thread, because that never really went anywhere.

Will Sookie find her true love by the end of the book series?
A Charlaine Harris :I plan on letting the reader know the course of Sookie's future by the end of the series in 2013.

Joe Manganiello: 'We joke about nudity on True Blood'

Joe Manganiello has opened up about shooting Alcide and Eric's (Alexander Skarsgård) naked confrontation on True Blood.

In the fourth episode of the HBO series's most recent season, Manganiello's character Alcide comes face-to-face with Eric as he swims in a lake. In the scene in question, the two fight over Sookie (Anna Paquin) entirely in the nude as she looks on.

Manganiello recalled the infamous scene, revealing that it was shot on Valentine's Day.

"It was Valentine's Day, and there's me and Skarsgård naked, screaming that were going to kill each other, with Anna in the middle and my wolf Thunder a few feet away," he told TV Line. "There were a lot of 'Happy Valentine's Day, Anna' jokes going around."

Manganiello recently revealed that he is comfortable with being naked on screen, considering nudity to be "just a typical day at the office".

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True Blood Season 4 Crossword Puzzle - Episode 12 " And When I die "

Kristie has out done herself with greatness here ..enjoy
She's going to be continuing to do crosswords during the off season on Sookie books and topics.

AND WHEN I DIE                                                                                                   

Anna Paquin presents at last night Emmy's

She looked beautiful - I imagine that was another Alexander McQueen dress - compare to some of last night dresses she was an A++++