Friday, January 2, 2009

True Blood Opening Credits Part 5

The church steeple as seen in the Nancy Oliver frame.
I'm not sure of the church name or location but here is a still photo from the original shoot.

True Blood Opening Credits Part 4

In the Carrie Preston frame we see Lucky Liquor also located in Shreveport. It is presently an open and operating place of business.
I have an older photo of it and again a photo that I took this week !

True Blood Opening Credits Part 3

Then during the Chris Bauer frame we see the Ogilvie-Wiener House, also known as the Florentine Club located in Shreveport, LA.
Below you will see a photo I took of it this week !

True Blood Opening Credits Part 2

In the Ryan Kwaten frame we see what's known as the "Dick and Charlie's Tea Room " also located on Caddo Lake.
Below are some stills and a video of it ..

Oh and by the way the sign in front says ...

House Rules
1. There ain't none
2. There never was none

True Blood Opening Credits - Part 1

I've done lots of research into the opening video segment that we see while the credits run at the beginning of each episode.
I will include the video below- also a few still shots taken during the filming of the Sam Trammel frame.

Here are two photos from the original shoot -they were taken at Caddo Lake, LA

True Blood Opening Featurette

This is really important and expands what we see from the 1:31 second opening that is used for the show

The original opening credits for the True Blood pilot

Wow, big difference !
* Notice with the original Tara !

Writers Chat with Charlaine Harris Jan. 6th & 8th

The wonderful Alainanoel alerts us to a writers chat with Charlaine on January 6th and 8th at 9 pm. You can read and chat here

Best Selling Fantasy Books for 2008

'Best Fantasy' has compiled all the best sellers in the various fantasy genre and sub genres I thought the anthology list was interesting since it included so many of the Sookie short story anthologies. maybe when Charlaine is talking about writing Sookie companion books( see her blog post here) she could consider a Sookie-verse short story book, with all the Sookie and sookieverse stories collect into one volume. I can dream....

This past year fantasy books have topped the best seller lists like never before. Writers like Stephenie Meyer and Charlaine Harris have led the way in introducing a new audience (and in the case of Twilight, a new generation) to urban fantasy. In honor of a great year I’ve put together a list of the best selling fantasy books based on Amazon sales. I decided to cover not only urban fantasy but other subgenres as well. You’ll notice that there’s quite a bit of overlap amongst the lists. So, without further fanfare, here are the best selling fantasy books of 2008 organized by subgenre:

Fantasy Book Anthologies

  1. Many Bloody Returns (Sookie Stackhouse) by Charlaine Harris, Tony Kelner, Kelley Armstrong, Jim Butcher
  2. Backup by Jim Butcher
  3. Mean Streets by Jim Butcher, Kat Richardson, Simon R. Green, Thomas E. Sniegoski
  4. The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman
  5. Bite by Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, MaryJanice Davidson, Angela Knight, Vickie Taylor
  6. My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Charlaine Harris, L. A. Banks, Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine , Esther M. Friesner, Lori Handeland, Susan Krinard
  7. Tales from the Perilous Realm by J.R.R. Tolkien
  8. Unusual Suspects: Stories of Mystery & Fantasy by Charlaine Harris, Carole Nelson Douglas, Simon R. Green, Laurie R. King
  9. Men of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong (available January 27, 2009)
  10. On the Prowl by Patricia Briggs, Eileen Wilks, Karen Chance, and Sunny
  11. WarCraft Archive by Blizzard Entertainment, Richard A. Knaak
Complete list here

People of the Year 2008: Vampires

This year we discovered that vampires make perfect boyfriends, which totally makes sense; zombies are boring conversationalists and werewolves have hairy backs. In the HBO hit series True Blood, Southern vamp-gent Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) risks becoming shriveled like a sun-baked worm in order to save his love, mind-reading waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin). Sensitive, brooding teen bloodsucker Edward (Robert Pattinson) wouldn't dare cop a feel or bite his girlfriend Bella (Kristen Stewart), in the teen phenom flick, Twilight. No surprise that both these stories are based on novels by women involved in their churches (Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer respectively), although Harris---a senior warden at her Episcopalian congregation---has no problem with vampy love: True Blood has more hot sex scenes with cold-blooded creatures than late-night Showcase programming. Expect vampires to dominate in 2009, with season two of True Blood and a Twilight sequel already planned, plus the North American DVD release of the exquisite Swedish film, Let the Right One In, about a young bullied boy who befriends a vampire child. ---Sue Carter Flinn

Stephen Moyer and Starter Wife

Superherofan on her blog has tons of great still from Starter Wife - I have a few " Sam" heavy episodes full length on the blog here

True Blood EpisodeTwo: The First Taste recap from HBO site

I'm posting the episode recaps from the HBO site. I think we should have them in our archive; they are really long so I will also post them in their entirety as a word document to our scribd site. I think they are worth carefully re-examining for clues!

Late at night in Merlotte's empty parking lot, the Rattray' savagely beat Sookie, kicking her twisted body with every intent to kill her. When the dog that hangs around the bar approaches, growling, Mack trains a gun on it, but before he can fire a shot, he flies up into the trees, snatched by some unseen force. Moments later, he lands on the ground, his back broken. A shape, moving too fast to see, finishes him off and also kills Denise. Sookie passes out, and when she wakes up with Bill kneeling next to her, she can't feel her legs. Bill slashes his own wrist and instructs her to drink his blood. She hesitates, and he demands, "Do you want to live or not?" She grabs his wrist and gulps deeply.
Jason - under interrogation at the police station for the murder of Maudette Pickens - also receives a rescue of sorts. Bud and Andy show him a sex tape the woman made of her encounter with Jason, and when the action ends with Jason's hands wrapped around her lolling neck, he freaks out and flees the scene, thinking he's killed her. The lens continues to focus on Maudette's limp body ... until she begins to laugh and walks over to turn off the camera. Shocked and relieved at the proof of his innocence, Jason tells the cops about the other tape he saw, featuring Maudette and a tattooed vampire, but it's nowhere to be found. Now that he's free to go, Jason heads over to Dawn's house, where his story strangely manages to earn her sympathy - and some sex. When he wakes up later, though, he's disgusted to notice healing fang marks on her neck.

Read on here :
Episode 2 Season 1 recap from HBO

If you don't like it you can just bite me ! ( 5)

Sorry it's a little small it's taken from a screen shot .

This is the bite marks from one of the character in True Blood.

Do you know who this is ?

Do you know who the vampire was that did the biting ?

Yes this is Miss Sookie and the biter would be Mr. Compton.

More Sookie Stackhouse books from England

Here is yet another version of UK Sookie books

From a UK reviewer on Amazon about ATD:
Sookie Stackhouse is back to investigate all things vampiric in this, the 7th book of the 'Southern Vampire' series. Almost all the action in this book takes place away from Bon Temps and so many of the regular characters are missing, or take a back seat - even Vampire Bill plays only a tiny role as the action focuses on Sookie, Quinn and Eric and their dealings with the Queen of New Orleans, her entourage and some characters familiar from other books such as fellow-telepath Barry the Bellboy. A more complex plot, and the unfamiliar location give this book a different feel to the others and it is certainly darker and less laugh-out-loud funny than the earlier ones. I liked the broader character development and particularly the revelations and insights into Eric's feelings for Sookie. I came across these books recently and after reading all 7 in the space of 4 weeks, I now find myself depressed at having to wait a year for the next one!

True Blood Music Video of the Day

Locking up the sun by Poets of the Fall

( this is an Eric video!)

2008 proved to be tempestuous year for television

I think it's funny how the Arkansas Democrat Gazette refers to Ms Harris here:

5. Dead and undead. Vampires pass away more frequently than you think. While forlorn fans were still lamenting the demise of CBS' Moonlight, HBO was working feverishly to resurrect the genre.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, and the fascinating actors who surround them, help make True Blood - based on Magnolia resident Charlaine Harris' books - one of the premium network's best series in a werewolf's age. And the show is helping to revive HBO's fortunes, which have been sagging in the shadow of Showtime's more than 10 percent growth the last two years.

After a slow start, True Blood viewership has grown consistently, topping 6 million a week and putting these vampire chronicles on the way to becoming HBO's third-most-popular show ever, after The Sopranos and Sex and the City.

Sookie is that you ?

Anna stars in 1996 version of Jane Eyre

Franco Zeffirelli (Romeo and Juliet) and screenwriter Hugh Whitemore strip away a bit of the familiar romanticism of Charlotte Brontë's novel and come up with a more plain but somehow quite interesting film adaptation. Charlotte Gainsbourg (The Cement Garden) makes for an oddly appealing but deliberately unlovely version of Jane (previous actresses have included Susannah York and Joan Fontaine), and William Hurt is excellent as an equally revised Rochester, brusque and self-involved but not the totem of torment and charisma we've seen before. The story clings to the usual chapters in the book, but with Zeffirelli shaping the principal characters to reflect their cautious perceptions of one another--rather than to a Hollywood notion of grand passion--the film has a wonderful accessibility. Great support from Joan Plowright, Billie Whitelaw, Anna Paquin, and the rest of the cast. --Tom Keogh

Product Description
Academy Award(R)-winner William Hurt (1985 Best Actor -- KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN; SMOKE) leads an all-star cast in this story of passion and intrigue! Jane Eyre (Charlotte Gainsbourg) is a young woman whose will to overcome a life of hardship leads her into a passionate romance with a handsome -- and mysterious -- gentleman (Hurt). Swept up in the possibility of a happy new life, Jane is shattered when terrible, untold secrets from his past are revealed, threatening to tear her and her lover apart forever! Also featuring the talents of Anna Paquin (THE PIANO), Joan Plowright (ENCHANTED APRIL), and sexy Elle MacPherson (SIRENS), this enduring tale has captivated moviegoers everywhere, just as Charlotte Bronte's classic best-seller has entertained for generations!