Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jimmy Fallon, 'Late Night' Staffers Are 'Suckers' In New Vampire Series

And the nominees are... 37th People's Choice Awards

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Great Videos from Eyecon Alcide and Sam

Fiona Shaw cast as True Blood's Marnie/Hallow Stonebrook

In case you’re wondering who Fiona Shaw is, she just so happens to be the infamous Aunt Petunia Dursley from the Harry Potter franchise and she is making her way to HBO’s True Blood next season.Shaws is going to play Marnie in True Blood, a palm reader-turned-powerful witch, a character Alan Ball has been teasing for months.

Alan Ball: Finding the right place Broadcast experience killed creative vision

By Variety Staff

The experience that stands out to me the most is the first meeting about "Six Feet Under." When I worked at the broadcast networks, all the notes I got could basically be distilled into two thoughts: Make everybody nicer and articulate the subtext. Both of which are just death to good storytelling. When I turned in the 'Six Feet Under' pilot, the note I got was, 'We love it, but it feels a little safe. Can you make the whole thing just a little more fucked up?' Seriously. And I just had this moment of like, 'OK, I'm in the right place.' Doing any show is so incredibly hard, and I feel so lucky in that I've done two with HBO that have been really functional and sane. I'm actually working with people who seem to be interested in making shows better, not just different because they need to justify their salaries.


Dying for Daylight new interactive game Jan 2011: An interview with Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris, creator of the Sookie Stackhouse series that inspired HBO's True Blood TV show, has become the latest best-selling author to partner with the casual game studio. Gamezebo sat down with Charlaine to chat about the upcoming hidden object adventure game Dying for Daylight. We were joined by I-play VP of Marketing Tony Leamer as well.

read interview here

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Sam Merlotte Cowboy Casanova

Sam Merlotte Cowboy Casanova.