Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane iRene - and how it will effect Talk Blood Radio Sunday night

I know no one cares if the Talk Blood Radio show has to be canceled on Sunday night just as long as everyone is safe.

Just so everyone knows, Andy, Brian and the cats are evacuating NYC and probably will not be able to join us Sunday night.

We will miss them but I just want everyone to be safe and I want all you guys to know that Blogtalk is located ( or part of it is) in the New York area so with power outages and heavy internet traffic that may disrupt the use of blogtalk and the radio show on Sunday night !

If its' not working I will post it one the blog , so just check before the episode airs.

I hope everything is OK for all of you guys who live on the East coast and in the NE. Please post in the comments where you live so we can keep you and your family in our thoughts. Even if it's not deadly,  it will be scary and a huge hassle for everyone effected. I'm so sorry.

You guys be safe and take care and keep us posted.


Hurricane Irene - How you can help RED CROSS  / Salvation Army

Win the Sookie Stackhouse Companion! True Blood in Dallas Raffle !!

Somebody just donated a  Sookie Stackhouse Companion book to the TONS of prizes I'll be mailing out in 2 weeks!!!

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Your chances of receiving a prize are astoundingly good and we have wonderful items like:  autographed Sookie books by Charlaine Harris, collector's t-shirts, soundtrack CDs, True Blood collectors grab bags, an original signed Andy Swist ( Yes, as in the True Blood paper dolls ) wonderful portrait of Eric & Sookie, True Blood collectors poster ( one of a kind !) more books, and various other gift certificates and other goodies from some of our sponsors!

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Thanks, Dallas

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Excerpts released from the Sookie Stackhouse Companion A Sookie Stackhouse Novel

Penguin Books has released a special sneak peek at The Sookie Stackhouse Companion book, written by Charlaine Harris! The book will go on sale on August 30th!

Read more her

Check out the excerpt (email messages between Eric and Bill) and a message from Charlaine Harris below!

Readers seemed to want more details of the Sookieverse, and the website ( has always bubbled and seethed with questions. How do you make Caroline Bellefleur’s chocolate cake? What about that pesky fairy genealogy? What book contains the famous shower scene? (I’m just kidding on that last one; everyone knows the shower scene.) How do the short stories fit into the chronology of the books?
We’ve assembled The Sookie Stackhouse Companion to answer all of these questions and hopefully a few more, to give readers a thorough look at the world of Bon Temps, and to provide extra snippets of interesting information about Sookie’s world and the people who live and die in it. Though this book is about the books, we also give a nod to our favorite television show, True Blood, by including an interview with one of my favorite people, Alan Ball.
Lots of people helped me assemble this companion, and I’m going to try to thank all of them in the acknowledgments. But let me just say here that without the help of my assistant and best buddy, Paula Woldan, I would have torn out my hair and cast myself upon the floor in despair at a few points. So thanks, Paula, and I think I had some of the most fun ever drawing the map with you.
I’m sure the second The Sookie Stackhouse Companion is on the shelves, I’ll think of something I should have included, but it’s time to let this project go. I hope you all find something in the book to entertain, enlighten, and engross you.
See you in Bon Temps.
– Charlaine Harris
Life in Bon Temps
The Secret Dialogues of Bill and Eric

To: Eric Northman,
Sheriff of Area Five, LA
Dear Eric,
With the permission of Sophie-Anne Leclerq, Queen of Louisiana, I will be returning to claim my ancestral home in Bon Temps.
William Compton
To: William Compton
Dear Bill,
Long time no see. As you know, the vampires in my area pay their fealty by working at Fangtasia. Please contact Pam to set up your schedule.
Eric Northman
To: Eric Northman,
Sheriff of Area Five, LA
Dear Eric,
I understand that your vampires may offer a tithe as an alternative to working at Fangtasia. I have other obligations and fear I will not have the time to dedicate to your club.
William Compton
To: William Compton
Dear Bill,
A tithe is acceptable, but I would much prefer your time at Fangtasia. As a former Confederate soldier you would be quite a draw. I understand that you have work to do for the queen, but surely you can spare me, your sheriff, some of your valuable time as well.
Eric Northman
To: Eric Northman,
Sheriff of Area Five, LA
Dear Eric,
Please find enclosed my certified check for six months’ tithe.
William Compton
What's Cookin' in Bon Temps A Selection of Down-Home Southern Recipes Antoine's Fried Pickles
Time: 20 minutes

  • 1 cup self-rising flour
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp. paprika
  • Dash of red pepper
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 1/3 cup beer (any brand)
  • Whole dill pickles
  • Oil
This is a variation on a recipe that became famous after its use at a restaurant close to Tunica, Mississippi.
Sift together all of the dry ingredients. Add the milk and the beer in equal amounts until the mixture is the desired consistency. Slice the dill pickles into round 1/4"- to 3/8"-thick chips. Dip the slices in the batter until batter is gone, and fry in deep oil. Turn once or twice to brown evenly.
Tip: Enjoy them with cold beer.
By Charlaine Harris

True Blood’s Carrie Preston on Ghosts, Her Favorite TV Redhead, and Being Married to Lost’s Ben Linus

Ive enjoyed this series with NY Mag...

Parenting is tough these days, especially if you’re the mother to a serial killer’s spawn. Nobody knows this better than True Blood’s Arlene Fowler — the loving, if histrionic, waitress who has an irrational fear of vampires and shifty infants alike. We spoke with actress Carrie Preston, who portrays this reservoir of comedic relief with likability, to discuss last week's episode (ghost-lady Mavis possessed Lafayette and kidnapped baby Mikey), her favorite TV redhead, and being married to Michael Emerson, a.k.a. Lost’s Ben Linus.
Has your story line this season changed your opinion of ghosts? Do you believe in them?
I do think there’s a spiritual element in the world, yes. Have I experienced a ghost firsthand, per se? No. I guess I’ve experienced feelings or some kind of a presence. But I certainly haven’t seen any kind of transparent entity running around. And they certainly don’t fly in my mouth the way they do to Lafayette.

True Blood Season 4 finale: Music - The Heavy Cover Blood Sweat & Tears for True Blood Finale

From KCRW DJ Gary Calamar and True Blood Music Supervisor Gary Calamar:

I was meeting with True Blood writer-producer Raelle Tucker to discuss music for the 4th season finale airing September 11. This ain’t just another brilliant True Blood episode — this is the SEASON FINALE baby.
Now, as all True Blood fans know, each episode is named after a song in the episode. It makes things interesting for a music supervisor. Raelle had thought of calling the episode “And When I Die” and using the Blood Sweat and Tears version of the great Laura Nyro composition, but didn’t think the vibe was quite right.
I suggested that we record a new version, True Blood style. Raelle and show creator Alan Ball said “dude go for it”

 Stream: The Heavy — “And When I Die”
listen here 

The Blood Sweat & Tears version from 1970

The Heavy brings down the house on Letterman

Would you like to buy a copy of the Sookie & Eric bed from from the Snow Sex Scene ?

The new online marketing strategy worked, sparking a relationship between Log Furniture Place and HBO. The network's producers asked Hunt to create the True Blood Extremely Gnarly Aspen Log Bed which was featured in "Spellbound" (Season 4) on Aug. 14.

More info here

Stephen Moyer Teases 'True Blood' Season 5: It Could 'Upset A Lot Of People'

We're still a few weeks away from the finale of "True Blood"'s bewitching fourth season, but that certainly doesn't mean it's too early to speculate about the recently announced fifth season.
To wit, when we caught up with Vampire Bill himself, Mr. Stephen Moyer, at the junket for his mystery-thriller "The Caller" (opening in limited release today), we couldn't help but beg for some scoop straight from Bon Temps. And Stephen delivered, hinting that this season's arc is setting us up for potentially bigger things to come.

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The Top 10 Vampire Movie Scenes

I love lists - this is a fun one..

Get ready for Fright Night with this list of the best vampire scenes in movie history!

With the remake of Fright Night coming out, we’ve got vampires on the brain. So we put our brains together (unusual mental image though it is) to come up with our list of The 10 Best Vampire Movie Scenes, from The Lost Boys to Shadow of the Vampire to – shudder – Twilight (although we have a damned good reason for that one). So sharpen your fangs and let’s get started…

read and watch