Sunday, September 20, 2009

True Blood's Stephen Moyer: Emmy's red carpet interview

True Blood Crossword Puzzle: S2e07 " Release me"

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Release Me

Why TV Vampires Make Better Boyfriends Than Their Fictional Counterparts

If you are a single male television character who is having trouble attracting the woman of your dreams, there is a simple solution: become a vampire. It may seem counterintuitive. After all, no woman has ever written, “I am seeking a serial killer who will always be fighting his urge to mutilate me,” on her profile. There would seem to be many disadvantages to dating a vampire. First of all, he can only go out at night. No romantic walks on the beach for him. Second, he can never order anything at restaurants. That could be awkward. Third, the damsel must sleep with one eye open at all times lest he succumb to his urge to suck every ounce of blood out of her body or, worse, stand by her bed for hours watching her sleep. That is creepy, not romantic, Edward Cullen!

So why are the undead considered so damn sexy? And why vampires, specifically? No one is hot for zombies. Academics argue that being bitten is a literary metaphor for sex, specifically loss of virginity. The obsessive nature of vampire lust also makes him an appealing fantasy. Nothing is more important to a vamp than the object of his obsession. A vampire would never blow off a girl to play fantasy football with his boys. Actual baseball, maybe, but only if he is one of those wussy Cullens. Every TV vampire — even Nick Knight from Forever Knight – is cooler than the Cullens. In fact, TV vampires are consistently better boyfriends than their mortal fictional counterparts. Consider the evidence as we compare and contrast them below. And remember, once you go vampire, you’ll always aim higher.

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Child star Anna Paquin is all grown-up in hit vampire drama True Blood

From Glasgow Sunday Mail

SEXY Anna Paquin might be TV's raunchiest vampire lover - but film fans will remember her best as the schoolgirl star of The Piano.

Her role as waitress Sookie Stackhouse in Channel 4's critically acclaimed new drama True Blood sees her cavorting naked for red hot love scenes with a vampire.

But rather than blushing about it, at 27 Anna thinks she's got nothing to be shy about.

She laughed: "It would be really stupid if it was one of those shows where the couple who do it all the time were constantly being draped with sheets so that you don't see a nipple or wear bras during sex.

"Maybe some people do but that's just not been my experience.

"Maybe because I was a kid actor, nobody expects me to do those kind of scenes but it's a big part of our show."

Anna, who became the second youngest Oscar winner for her role as Flora McGrath in The Piano, admits that, even when she's got her clothes on, there's not a lot of them as her waitress's uniform consists of hotpants and a tight T shirt.

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True Blood Season 2 Ended Now What?

from the wonderful Lafayette ( KitchenBitch) on Twitter

Are you bummed that season 2 is over? Well here are a few ideas to keep the V high going til season 3.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol Lyrics
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