Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The women in Bill Compton's life

We know about some of the women that Bill has be involved with. Here are the ones we know:

Caroline Holliday Compton, his human wife they lived together from 1858-1865.

You can look at his family tree here ( it's a HUUGGEE spoiler )
We find out about his human family on the last few pages of Book2 , Living Dead in Dallas.

This the photo of his human family ( Caroline and their children) we see in True Blood.

Lorena "his maker" 1865-@1938

She made him a vampire in 1868 according to the book and 1865 in True Blood.They lived together as a couple for about 80 years according to the books.

Sookie describes her in book 3, Club Dead "Her fangs were all out, and she was snarling at me over Bill's head. She was a blond, like me, but her eyes were brown and her build was smaller; she was a tiny woman. She had dried blood on her hands, and I knew it was Bill's."
Photo at right is the actress Mariana Klaveno as Lorena in True Blood. More info here

Vampire Diane @1939

In True Blood, Diane is a previous lover of Bill. He tells Sookie "they had sex once in the late 1930's , right after she was made vampire. Vampire Diane was played by Aunjanue Ellis in the series. Photo right.

Sookie Stackhouse 2008

Dead until Dark takes place in late Spring , early summer 2004 and Bill and Sookie are together as a couple until the first paragraph of book three, Club Dead which takes place Christmas week 2004,
In the series True Blood it takes place in 2008.

Selah Pumphrey January -October 2005 (book)

Then of course, there is the human woman, Selah Pumphrey that Bill dates 4 books after Sookie (books 5- 8), Selah Pumphrey is described as slim and brunette with shoulder length hair...

In Book 5, Dead as a Doornail 'Bill brought a date into Merlotte’s that night. I assumed this was payback for my kissing Sam, or maybe I was just being proud. This possible payback was in the form of a woman from Clarice. I’d seen her in the bar before every once in a while. She was a slim brunette with shoulder-length hair, and Danielle could hardly wait to tell me she was Selah Pumphrey, a real estate saleswoman who’d gotten the million-dollar sales award the year before.I hated her instantly, utterly, and passionately.'


Unknown said...

Seeing that Sookie is the only blonde in Bills life ever makes you wonder.

" Dallas " said...

We dont know from the books what Caroline Holliday , Bill's human wife looks like but in True Blood she is blond...

Anonymous said...

But we know from the books, that Lorena is blonde, although in True Blood she is not.

Unknown said...

Do you guys remember what book and what chapter Lorena is described? I don't remember a description of her in the books except when Sookie stakes her and she just describes her physical size and how angry she is from what I can remember. I lent out my books to someone so I don't have them near me.

Anonymous said...

If i remember correctly, Lorena is only described by Sookie, when she stakes her (b3):
"She was blond, like me, but with brown eyes and much more dainty, a rather dimunitive woman"

(I hope this is understandable. I read the books in german, so i had to translate the text back in english...)

Unknown said...

Thanx! I never noticed that. I mostly listen to the audiobooks. I'm on book 2 for the like 8th time right now. Going to probably start 3 tonight while getting ready for tomorrow. I'll be sure to pay attention when it gets to the staking part. And your translation was really good.

" Dallas " said...

Yes, you are exactly right Anony

Lorena was a blond...i will add that to the description.

thanks "D"

Rose said...

I've been wondering if Diane will be appearing in any flashback scenes this season. I think she was turned in the 1930's (in the books). That would fit in with the leaked story arc where "Lorena hires a tapdancer for Bill". Bill's playing ragtime music on the piano in Season One seems to foreshadow this.