Friday, December 5, 2008

True Blood's Nelsan Ellis On Sexy Season Two & His Dad Hating His Character

We've all fallen in love with a drug-dealing, vampire-loving, burger frying, flamboyantly gay man. Or at least someone who plays one on TV. Nelsan Ellis, Lafayette on the HBO hit True Blood, is speaking up about the shaky future of his outspoken character.

Before heading inside to attend the Junior Hollywood Radio & Television Society holiday party Wednesday night in Hollywood, Ellis chatted about True Blood and his character's possible departure.

Will we see Lafayette on Season Two? "Naturally I love working on the show, so I want to come back," he said. "But it's up to the powers that be. So we'll see."

Ellis is referring to show creator and all-around genius Alan Ball, who has based the show on a popular book series. Spoiler alert: Lafayette dies in the first book. Ball has taken a few liberties and strayed from the books at times to fit with his vision. But with so many people rooting for a return on Lafayette, will Ball listen? Ellis said he feels proud to work on the show, which he promises is going to be much sexier in Season Two. As if that's even possible! He admits that his eccentric character is fun to play because it's such a departure from himself.

"It's fun. To be a heterosexual man and wear the lipstick and the makeup—I love it."

[Watch clips of True Blood on Fancast]

One thing we do know for sure is that Ellis plays one of the most popular new characters on TV. Surprisingly, he had no idea.

"Tell my father that," he joked, "because he hates my character! I didn’t know it, so it makes me blush a little bit."

If you need further proof about the popularity of this scene stealer, check out this online petition to save the character.