Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best New Shows of 2008 -TV World

TV World lists their best new shows ...guess what was # on their list ?

Every year there are loads of new television shows released and, with only so many hours in the day for TV viewing, the competition for viewers is cutthroat. Many shows are canceled if they fail to bring in the predicted ratings. Conversely if a show does well it can end up running, well for what seems like eternity, even if the original concept wasn’t meant to last for several series the networks will pressure them to continue regardless (I’m looking at you Lost).

With so much good television already out there it is tough for a new show to break in and find a regular and loyal audience. So what were the shows released in 2008 that caught your imagination? Here are the ones that made it onto my TV watching schedule.

True BloodTrue Blood
My favourite new show by a distance is True Blood which first aired in September. HBO have a knack for creating brilliant television and this is no exception. It centres on a waitress in the Deep South called Sookie Stackhouse who can read minds, her moronic brother and her lover Bill who just happens to be a vampire. In fact True Blood is set in a kind of alternative world where vampires have been outed and campaigned for civil rights to live along side humans. They can buy blood substitute in bars but the truce is less than comfortable and there are plenty of twists and turns in this exciting tale. It was slow to build an audience but as word of mouth spread it became more and more popular and it will be coming back for a second season.

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