Saturday, January 24, 2009

Loving True Blood Dallas Blogtalk Radio:Role Playing in the True Blood and Sookieverse (Episode 8)

We are thrilled to be discussing various forms of role playing in the Sookieverse and the world of True Blood fandom. I am just amazed at the quality and creativeness of these hyper-fans and I know you will be too .

We are MOST excited to be doing a first EVER (we think) "Twinterview " (a Twitter interview done on the radio, this term was coined by Sookie herself !) Can we do that? Yes, we can and we will!
This should be very interesting Monday night when we will be 'chatting' with the hottest True Blood /Sookieverse Twitter characters there is, @SookieBonTemps ! We will be doing a live radio- to -Twitter interview with the amazing and very entertaining Sookie and we are also grateful that her friend, the great @EricNorthman has also agreed to stop by (and we had to be careful about asking him for favors) and I'm sure he'll liven up the conversation.

You can follow along on Twitter here :

True Blood in Dallas here :
SookieBonTemps :
EricNorthman :

You can contact Becky about Vamps in Bon Temps @ Live Journal here:

You will be able to follow along on both on Twitter and on the radio and they both have agreed to drop into the chat room at the end of the show to talk for a few minutes with our show's fans.

*For the purpose of this interview, I will have to do a little role playing of my own but I think it will be fun and should be very interesting.
* I will post all the links you need to the blog by Monday afternoon

We will also be discussing the amazing 'Merlotte's Bar and Grill' thread on the HBO True Blood Wiki , with LaProv and we will learn about the wonderfully imaginative world they have going on over there, then finally we will be joined by Becky from the Live Journal True Blood RPG community called 'Vamps in Bon Temps ' ! Wow!

This should be an incredible night and a show you won't want to miss.

If you can’t join us live, the show will be archived and available for podcast usually within an hour of the end of the live show. You can listen to it on the blog and it is also available as podcast from ITunes.
Thanks to Object Desire and Miss Information for helping tonight with the extravagant production!


Anonymous said...

This is gonna be fun!