Friday, January 9, 2009

True Blood Behind the Scenes: The Monroe vamps house

Here is the housed that was used as the " Monroe Vampire's " home in True Blood. In episode 7 Malcolm describes it as being their 'place just up the road' from Bon Temp and says they are " the new locals "

It's actually located very near downtown Shreveport located in an area called Ledbetter Heights.

Here is the air quality variance issued by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality to Fangbanger Productions.

The burning of the house did create a little local controversy because after it was burned and destroyed some local historians claimed that the house had historical status. The House was originally a bordello and located in the Ledbetter Heights district of Shreveport. Below you will find two local newspaper articles discussing it.

We know that the scene was shot and the house was burned just before 9am April 29th 2008

On the left below you will find a still from episode 7 or 8 and on the right how it appears today.

This is look down the road where Sookie drives up in her car, talks to Andy and Sheriff Dearborn and then she later runs down

Ledbetter Heights house burned for series angers local historians
John Andrew Prime
April 30, 2008
The Shreveport Times

History and commerce are colliding head-on in Shreveport's Ledbetter Heights, where a house historians claim is a historic property is being burned for a made-for-TV series.
The blue frame house with yellow trim at Douglas and View streets, used as a bordello from 1903 to 1917 and easily visible to motorists driving north of Common Street passing the Shreveport Macaroni Manufacturing Co., was burned partially Tuesday, with another burning planned in coming days.
Historians and authors Eric Brock and Gary Joiner argue the house falls within the map area defined as part of the St. Paul's Bottoms Historic District, an area now known as Ledbetter Heights.

Ledbetter Heights house destroyed

John Andrew Prime
May 1, 2008
The Shreveport Times

A dispute between city leaders and historians over a former bordello in Ledbetter Heights may be moot "" or may heat up even more "" after the house was destroyed early Wednesday in the making of a TV show.
The blue frame house with yellow trim at Douglas and View streets was a pile of rubble just before 9 a.m., easily visible to motorists driving north of Common Street on the northwest side of downtown.
The house was partially burned Tuesday, arousing the concerns of local historians, who overnight approached local attorneys to seek either an injunction or a restraining order against further destruction.

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