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Go Ask Dallas: What's the deal with the book of Charlaine Harris's to be published in Oct. 09 'A Touch of Dead' ? Is it Sookie #10 or short stories?

Elisha writes to ask "Hey Dallas, Do you have any information on the book that's going to be released in October '09 called ' A Touch of Dead'? "

No a Touch of Dead is NOT Sookie Book # 10 and Yes, it is a compilation of Sookie short stories but not all of them!

This is how Charlaine Harris describes the book :

Yes, a compilation of the Sookie short stories will be released in October. It's called A TOUCH OF DEAD and it has a charming cover by Lisa Desimini, my favorite cover artist.

These are not all the stories set in the Sookieverse (the rights to those have not reverted), but since I write Sookie only for Penguin Putnam, I didn't need to reclaim the rights.

Charlaine Harris

Now, I would have you note that Night's Edge is also being republished this fall and my guess would be that one of the stories not included would be 'Dancer's in the Dark' which appears in this anthology. 'Dancer's' is the 2004 Sookieverse novella about the dancing vampires, Leyla and Sean and a MUST read.

Night's Edge was originally published by Harlequin and they are notorious for holding on to publishing rights you may have to buy the republished edition of Night's Edge and A Touch of Dead to get all the Sookie (and Sookieverse) short stories.
Personally, I wouldn't wait until November there are used copies available and I think 'Dancer's' holds all important clues to Dead and Gone, Book 9.
You can also get all the short stories ( yes, even the one 's that are out-of-print ) for free HERE

Kind of cryptically CH might also be saying that A Touch of Dead might not include 'Tacky' from My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding which is a Sookieverse story but published by St. Martin's Griffin.

I will post more when we know more ... I can't wait to see the cover!

You can read past 'Question and Answers' from "Go Ask Dallas" Here and thanks, Elisha!

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Elisha said...

Thanks for the info. I love the blog.

Anonymous said...

"I think 'Dancer's' holds all important clues to Dead and Gone, Book 9."

I just got to read this one, and definitely a must read, but I'm curious why you think that? Guess I'll have to go reread it and see if I didn't catch anything the first time through :)

" Dallas " said... guys have to sign in so I know who's writing ...

it's actually not in Dancer's but it's Sean to Sookie in ATD..i think reading Dancers makes you believe Sean more ...because you know and understand him better if you only know him from ATD you wouldn't feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

I don´t really have to comment on Dancers in the dark because you know how I feel Dallas, but I needed to say that if you read the novella before you read ATD the book is sooo much better! you can relate to what Sean is telling Sookie because you know his background. I do think it has clues to Dead and Gone on ATD because of what Sean says about America being hard on vamps. Since on Dead and Gone the weres come out I think that we are going to see a major revolution from the humans.

" Dallas " said...

you are the smartest girl in the class today !
Very brilliant and we should place it there on the timeline !