Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Power, money and blood: Vampires rise again on HBO's True Blood

Fron the Houston Chronicle

Undead bloodsuckers have never been more appealing.

Or more human.

Sure, vampires still troll the night, feed on blood and keep secrets from all but the most remarkable of human beings.

But when the vampires of HBO rise again Sunday for a second helping of the horror romance True Blood, they will also find themselves mired in the more mundane realities of mortality.

They will fight with — and make up with — their girlfriends, highlight their hair and worry about ruining their favorite pumps.

It’s the price of revealing themselves to the world, or at least the fictional Louisiana town of Bon Temps, where the action is centered.

“I think the vampires are like humans in many ways,” True Blood executive producer Alan Ball said in a conference-call press conference last week. “There are a lot of law-abiding peaceful vampires … and then there are those who just want everything.”

And by everything, Ball means power, money and blood.

The new season of True Blood starts where the last one finished, with painted toenails on a dead body. From there the story traipses down the country road of sex, love and debauchery, all dished out HBO-style, which is to say rather explicitly.

Those familiar with the last season — or anyone who has read the source of the show, Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels — knows that these vampires are hunky and human. They are friends, lovers and bosses.

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