Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comic Con Live Blog and intereview with Alexander ( Eric ) and Deborah ( Jessica)( Eric)

5:22: The cast has arrived and is walking out to thunderous applause.

5:25: E.P. Alan Ball has a special announcement: "True Blood: The Drink" is now a reality. It will be available September 10th, just in time for all of our season finale viewing parties.

5:27: An audience member just screamed out "Happy Birthday, Anna!" I guess it's her birthday.

5:30: Clip reel for the second half of the season... Looks like Jason's going to turn his back on the fellowship of the sun cult, Tara is slapping Eggs, Bill is punching Eric and the entire town is going black-eyed crazy, courtesy of Marianne.

5:31: The moderator is introducing each cast member by name. Deafening noise is made for Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) and Alexander Skarsgard (Eric).

5:32: Moderator asks Stephen Moyer (Bill) how Bill might react if something does in fact happen between Sookie and Eric. Stephen says Bill may not be as polite as we're used to in the future.

5:34: Moderator asks Michelle Forbes (Marianne) about why this fantasy/sci fi genre lends itself so well to strong women characters. Forbes saying she's spoken at length about this with "Battlestar"'s Mary McDonnell. Re: Mary McDonnell: "She's a Goddess, by the way." Applause so loud, I can't hear the rest of her answer!

5:37: Nelsan Ellis is asked how Lafayette's recent troubles -- in the basement, specifically -- might change him. Nelsan says he may have to "re-think his hustle" because it's been getting him into too much trouble. The crowd is not pleased by this. He says, "...but maybe not."

5:39: Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) says she tends to be a nervous person. She's picturing all of us in our underwear right now.

5:40: Moderator asks Alexander why he's so drawn to Sookie. Alexander says, "Well just look at her"... And follows that up with, "Sorry, Stephen." He says Eric has been around a long time and is just over humanity, but Sookie interests him and he of course wants to explore that."

5:42: Charlaine Harris, who created the "True Blood" book series, just announced that she's signed a contract to write three more "TB" books... and the crowd goes wild!

5:44: Someone screams "I love you, Eric!" Alexander says, "I love him too... I mean that."

5:46: An audience member asks what Alan Ball is looking forward to doing in season 3. He says, werewolves, the character of Debbie Pelt. Someone screams out a character from the book, Godrick! But Alan says he doesn't know how to include Godrick without it being cheesy. The audience boos. Alexander says, "The people have spoken."

5:47: Audience question about Eric and pink spandex. Alexander gets up, lifts his pant leg. He's wearing pink socks. Alan says he wasn't planning on putting Alex in spandex, but he's now possibly changed his mind.

5:48: Audience member with better eyes than mine asks, "Was Sookie in bed with someone with blonde hair in that clip reel? Was that Eric?" Alan says, after a long pause, I have no idea what you're talking about. Everyone cheers.

5:50: More questions for Alexander! How's it different working here than in Sweden? He says, "If this were Sweden, we'd all be in a barn and every other person's name would be "Skarsgard."

5:52: An audience member tells Stephen he'll always be "Prince Valiant" to her. Anna likes this, big smile.

5:55: Audience member asks if the love triangle between Bill, Sookie and Eric will play out as it does in the books. The question is dodged.

5:56: Audience member asks how much more trouble Jessica is going to be for Bill. Deborah says, "As much as they'll let me." Again, the crowd goes wild.

5:57: Audience member thanks Alan for creating gay characters with dimension.

5:58: Audience member wants to know about the relationship between Lafayette and Eric, as well as Eric and Godrick. Alan Ball says, Lafayette is rightfully frightened by Eric, Eric is intrigued by Lafayette and may have more plans for him in the future that we'll eventually find out about. He says the relationship between Eric and Godrick is complicated, father-and-son type deal. There is no one more important in Eric's life than Godrick.

6:00 Audience member asks "the vampires on the panel" if they've ever had any fang mishaps. Stephen says something about one type of "fangs" being very sharp and Anna interrupts, "Yes they are." Crowd goes insane.

6:02: Audience member asks if there is going to be a half vampire/half human baby. The crowd gets angry. Alan Ball says, "Um, no." The crowd is filled with glee once again. Alan explains, "You're either all vampire or all human, you can't be both."

6:04: Charlaine Harris: "Alan and I have a working relationship. I don't tell him how to do the show. He doesn't tell me how to write the books."

6:06: Audience member asks about funny moments on set. Moderator asks if that is directed at someone in particular. Audience screams, Nelsan! He obliges: "There was this nekkid dude on set in this episode coming up. One take, he fell. That was hilarious."

6:08: Michelle is asked why she took the role of Marianne: "When someone offers you an entrance where you're standing in the middle of the road, naked, holding a pig, you don't say no."

6:10: For Alan or Charlaine, "What is the difference between V and just feasting on someone. Charlaine answers that V is old blood. Getting blood directly from source is fresh and obviously a much better experience.

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I wonder if there is a spark brewing between Alexander and Deborah, hmmm he did say (street interview with TMZ) that he (or was it Eric) likes young girls. They would make a interesting couple......:-)

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