Saturday, July 25, 2009

True Blood at Comic-Con: A Twilight Diss, Fang Malfunctions & More

From Eonline

If you think True Blood is crazysexycool now, wait until you see what 's coming up next.

We caught a glimpse of clips for upcoming episodes at today's Comic-Con panel and we can tell you this: We finally get to see Michelle Forbes' character (Maryanne) revealing her true self, which is the horned maenad creature that attacked Sookie (Anna Paquin) a few eps back, and, we must say, Michelle looks killer in the get-up! She is stirring up even more trouble than before and it goes way beyond just getting people high, horny and black-eyed at her parties.

We also got our first good look at Evan Rachel Wood's vampire queen in a trailer-ending scene where she is feasting on someone and comes up for air with a face full of blood to say, "Wanna join me?" I can safely say that everyone in the audience did want to join her. She looks simply delicious as the queen.

And, the battle between the Fellowship of the Sun goody two-shoes and the vampires turns into a "national vampire disaster." But, it looks like Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) might be having second thoughts about where his loyalties lie. (Finally!)

As if that weren't enough to excite fans, show creator Alan Ball had this special announcement…
Comic-Con 2009 Franchise Brick

True Blood: The Drink: They teased us before about it, but this time it's for real: a True Blood drink will be on the market on Sept. 10. Alan joked that it's a mix of a cabernet wine with blood, "vodka, Vicodin, Viagra and ecstasy" and that's it's "completely illegal." Imagine that? Kidding aside, he said it's "a very tasty blood orange soda" that has "all natural ingredients." And, it's bottled in the same bottle you see on the show. How cool is that? Oh, and you can pre-order it at

The Love Triangle: Will the love triangle between Bill (Stephen Moyer), Sookie, and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) get played out on screen as it does in the books? "Yes," said Alan. And, that is all he said on the topic. Stephen, though, said, "I'm not sure that Bill is just going to roll over and let it happen. I think he's going to fight his hardest and maybe not be quite as polite as he has been." When asked why Eric is so smitten with Sookie, Alexander joked, "Just look at her. I'm sorry, Stephen." An audience member then asked Alan if that was blond hair we saw on the person in bed with Sookie in the new clips and Alan said, "I have no idea what

you're talking about." We'll soon see…

Lafayette's Hustle: "I think Lafayette's hustle is supreme and he's figured out that it's not going to work for him to get him out of the situation," said Nelsan Ellis. "So now I think he's rethinking his hustle and maybe he's going to stop doing it." When the crowd gave a collective sigh of disapproval, Nelsan, added, "But, we'll see."

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Why don't the Trueblood cast and fans SHUT UP ALREADY ABOUT HATING ON TWILIGHT! Damn it's getting old !!!