Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stephen Moyer of HBO's 'True Blood' studies pace of Louisiana life

from Times Picayune

Stephen Moyer worked with dialect coach Elizabeth Himelstein to craft his accent for "True Blood," a more formal take (befitting a 173-year-old vampire) on the slang-y, slippery accents employed by some of the other characters.

But his two visits to Louisiana for location production - Clinton, La., last month; the Shreveport area for the show's first season - have informed Moyer's overall approach to being Bill Compton as much as vowel-sound drills.

"When we went down to shoot the stuff for the pilot last year and we hit Shreveport ... it was great for me, it was a real opportunity to see the south in a way that I had only ever imagined it -- the landscape and how enormous it is, and how lush," Moyer said during a break in production on the Clinton episodes. "It's very English in its lushness. When you come into London, you're expecting this grey concrete thing, but it's green predominately, and it's the same here.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what London Stephen Moyer's from, but coming into London is one of the ugliest experiences you will ever have! It's all council flats and rundown post-war grey concrete!

Anonymous said...

London is a big place and maybe you were on the wrong side. He's been there longer and probably knows the best places.