Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now what? 10 things True Blood needs to get right in season 3

Gina at seacostline lists her 10things we need to see in Season Three

My list of must-haves for next time -- or I send a maenad after Alan Ball!

Moving ever forward, let's talk about things “True Blood” should focus on, now that filming for season three is approaching.

We've seen how easy it is for this show to get it exactly right (Eric + Sookie, Godric) and how quickly things can turn sour (Maryann, naked people sodomizing pine trees).

So, as a humble and occasionally frustrated fan, I offer a list of things I want Alan Ball and company to keep in mind:


1. BRING SEXY BACK: Ironic that when the entire town of Bon Temps goes sex-crazy it's about as big a turn on as, well, a fingerless Jane Bodehouse. It was done deliberately for the story, but one of the things fans love about this R-rated HBO show is its self-awareness on the soft-core camp front. Don't do stories that lead in unattractive directions – especially if they lead to naked people in sinks. I vote for more flag football-type scenes with Jason and Eric doing just about anything as long as it's seductively.

On that note …

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Rita said...

I pretty much agree i know there are
more things,but i think they got it.

Sylvia said...

I pretty much agree with all of these things.

Emily said...

Wow, what a great article! The casting of Alcide is so crucial! He needs to be someone as smoking hot as Bill or Eric. I picture Alcide as bigger Hugh Jackman Wolverine, just a bit more clean cut (sans Ace Ventura hair). I want to be torn between which supernatural suitor I am rooting for Sookie to end up with, just like in the books.

" Dallas " said...

Haha i agree Emily - I can't wait to see who they choose

Sharon said...

I agree, at least in part. I want to see more on the vampires, especially Eric, and now the werewolves. You are right about the casting for Alcide - it is crucial that he be hot and at least similar to the description in the books. Tall, muscular, good-looking and masculine. And stop trying to make Eric the bad, evil guy.

I think perhaps they've just tried to have too many characters. This show only has about 11 hours total time per season. Most shows, even with 22 episodes per season, have far smaller casts.

And, as someone who loved the books way before the show came out, I wish they would stick to CH's stories a bit more. They are already excellent.

And Emily, someone like Hugh Jackman, without the Ace Ventura hair, would be great.