Wednesday, September 23, 2009

True Blood Fan Art from HandyLittleMe

How cool is this?

I absolutely love the Sookie Stackhouse novels and True Blood. I was inspired by the characters in the books to create illustrations which you can see in the art work section of my shop.

A 4x6 inch gloss print of my original illustration.

My prints are printed from digital scans onto glossy Fujifilm photo paper. The images are sharp and fade resistant with vibrant colours.

My prints are individually signed by me, and are packaged in a waterproof sleeve and a bendproof cardboard envelope.

From Handylitte me on Etsy


Rita said...

loved it

Rita said...

Well i had to come back and tell you
i really love this as i didn't under-
stand it before.all i want to know is
where is Sam?

handylittleme said...

haha! I am glad you like it....well I left Sam out because......I want Sookie to be with Eric and I just feel like Sam doesn't really register on Sookie's radar as much as the others....or maybe I just forgot about him....poor Sam!!

love handylittleme! xx