Thursday, November 12, 2009

Q&A: True Blood's Lafayette speaks!

From Digital Spy

Yesterday we checked in with Sam Trammell and today we'reharassing having a nice chat with yet another star of True Blood. Step forward Nelsan Ellis, who plays Bon Temps' flamboyant and feisty chef-cum-dodgy-dealer Lafayette. Armed with our patented True Blood season three scooping devices, we caught up with Nelsan at the recent MCM Expoconvention in London to find out what we could.

Are you hoping Lafayette has a bigger role in season three? He seemed to be a bit on the backburner in season two...
"Yeah, I was! In the book, you had this whole world of Vampire Russell, the King of Mississippi, and I'm hoping I could be in that world. You know, Vampire Russell is gay too, so... hopefully they'll put me in there. But yeah, I was a little bit slighted being on the backburner this season."

Is there any chance of a love interest for Lafayette?
"Yes, there's talk. I don't want a love interest though, because I think Lafayette doesn't have time! He has his businesses to deal with. Plus, it would take a special creature to pin him down."

What about Eric? He's been having sexual dreams about him and that would be a hot story!
"Hahahah! I would love for Eric and Lafayette to get their thing on!"
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Sharon said...

I like the idea of Lafayette going undercover at Edginton's place, where he would fit right in, but teaming up with Eric in a sexual way, NO!!!!

Rita said...

I have to agree with Sharon,he would fit right in at Edginton's place but
with Eric no.Lafayette IMO! probley
he is going to take the place of
Bubba to find out where Bill is being