Monday, November 30, 2009

True Blood Fan Anniversaries!

Well, it sure is funny how we all started together last year and how we all found each other and what a great year we've had. THE FUN of doing this has been making so many friends and meeting and staying in touch online, by phone and in person.

The anniversary of this blog was November 4th , the anniversary of my first blogtalk radio show was November 24th ( you can still listen to all the podcasts !) and the one year anniversary of True Blood Music Video of the Day is coming up next week !

The lovely @SookieBonTemps has posted a little on her blog about it being her 1 year anniversary tweeting as Sookie on Twitter -thanks for the shout Sook !

I would say thanks to everyone who has been a guest on the radio show and to our weekly Season 2 TB professional reviewers Brian Juergens/Andy Swist and Mark Blankenship and Meredith Woerner. Thanks to all my great friends from the HBO True Blood wiki and to everyone who reads the blog and comments ! "

Holy smokes! It’s my one year anniversary on Twitter!

But one year ago on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I was sitting at home a little bored when I decided to create the @sookiebontemps account. Maybe it was True Blood / Sookiebook withdrawal. Who knows? Either way, something inside of me said, “What the hell? Why not tweet a few Sookie-isms and see if this sticks?”

A year later, I’m still here. And I’ve got a whole lot of people that I’d like to thank for making Twitter a boatload of fun:

  • Thank you to everyone who followed me in the beginning when Bon Temps on Twitter only had one resident.
  • Thanks to @TrueBloodDallas who knows how to spot a lost lamb when she sees one — it’s certainly been a wild ride from our first chat, to meeting in L.A. for Paley, going to Shreveport to meet Charlaine, to doing Talk Blood every Sunday night after Season 2 epis. Without you, I would not have met the awesome @robiart and the lovely Patrick.
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Louisianagirl29 said...

Love you Dallas! Thank you for an amazing website and talk show. Can't wait to chat again for Season 3 and beyond. Keep up the great work.
Love, Tiff and Larry

TeamEricSookie said...

Time certainly flies when you're having fun!! I'm looking forward to future Dallas shows, especially once Season 3 of TB begins! Congrats!!

Rita said...

Yes time does fly when your having
fun,looking forward to the 3rd.
season and more,keep up the good work
and i love you for all you do.

Andy said...

YEAH! Happy Anniversary!
I always enjoy stopping by here and learning all the latest. Hope you're here for many more years to come.