Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Skarsgard Weighs in on the Rumored Eric-Sookie Hook-Up

The second season of True Blood has repeatedly toyed with the idea of a Sookie-Eric hook-up, whether it's just in Sookie's dreams or in palpable hints insinuated by Eric himself. This very premise has seemingly divided fans of the HBO vampire series--- with some rooting for Bill and Sookie, while others are hoping for a Sookie-Eric pairing. To shed light on the subject, Alexander Skarsgard, who plays vampire Eric, spoke to Entertainment Weekly and revealed what's bound to happen on True Blood.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

According to Skarsgard, a hook-up is definitely in the cards between Eric and Anna Paquin's character. "It's bound to happen at some point," he said. "There is definitely something between Sookie and Eric."

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Rita said...

Yes AB said it will happen to althou-
gh it could be just dreams but i hope
not want the real thing,want more of
him any way it goes.

Selle Castaigneda said...

Hi Rita,

I believe ASkars' comment plus AB's comments indicate a real hookup. Otherwise, why--after the season ended, wouldn't AB say in answer to the Eric-Sookie question "They've already hooked up in S2, didn't you folks see that?"

That's such a beautiful pic of Eric and Sookie. They look soooo good together.

Sharon said...

AB wants to keep this possible hook-up dragging out as long as possible to keep all the Team Bill and Team Eric fans watching.

Rita said...

Hi Sharon how are you doing hope you have Merry Christmas and a Happy New
Year yes AB really likes to keep you
coming back for more,but as long as
we get alot more Alex it will be
worth it,sorry stay from Sophe Ann
and i think i spelled that wrong.Just
can not wait till June.