Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'True Blood': The Casting News Continues For Season 3 With More Vampires, Shapeshifters And Parents

MTV has a run down of recent casting

Casting has already begun for the third season of "True Blood" (there's no better time than with two Golden Globe noms!), and so far the new cast is a healthy mixture of vampire, werewolf, shape-shifter and other various forms of sexy supernaturalism.

The latest round of casting announcements is no different, as "True Blood" has just recruited a new vampire and a new shape-shifter into the fold. It also looks as if everybody's favorite trash-talking bartender, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), will be getting a visit from his mother this season.

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Rita said...

They are really coming up with some great actors ,now for Debbie Pelt.

Andy said...

Unfortunately, I'm not really familiar with any of these actors work, but it seems that the they all seem to be very talented. I'm also very happy to hear that Lafayette's mom comes into play. It only means that my boy, Laffy, (and Tara) will get more juicy character development! YEAH!

Sharon said...

I've seen this guy in lots of stuff and he's always seemed creepy to me. But that may just be me.