Monday, January 18, 2010

True Blood Scoop!

From TV Guide

True Blood creator Alan Ball says he will be casting the part of a female werewolf named Debbie Pelt whom he describes as "a badass bitch you do not want to get on the wrong side of. She is not going to like Sookie." Look for the character debut in the third episode of the upcoming third season.

It also sounds like they'll be plenty of sex in the season premiere, with Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) ended up in a backwoods Arkansas motel room with a familiar face. "It should be curious and confusing to viewers," teases Trammell. But Ryan Kwanten says his character, Jason Stackhouse, ups Sam by one. "My character wakes up in the first episode with two women beside him," Ryan boasts. The actor's also looking forward to seeing Jason enjoy a more meaningful romance. "He will find love in the werewolf world, and love is a pretty unknown concept for him."

Alfre Woodard joins the series as Ruby Jean Reynolds, mother to Lafayette and aunt to Tara. Alfre describes her character as "nuts. She's not going to be a person that the audience loves. She's not very accepting of Lafayette, which is fun to play."


Anonymous said...

these spoilers kinda suck.

rclaurel said...

why is Debbie a werewolf, I thought she is a werelynx or fox

Rita said...

Look you had better get use to the
changes,it will be different,i want
stop watching just because it isn't
the same as the books.

Sharon said...

I gotta agree with all of you. My biggest problem with the changes is that many of them don't make the story better and detract from the main story, which is supposed to be primarily about vampires. That entire fiasco with MaryAnn dominating season 2 is a prime example of a bad change. The making of Jessica and letting Lafayette live were good changes.

I will come back to watch AS and only for that. I don't normally get HBO and only order it for the 3 months that TB is on. There are other good characters, but none of them but AS would cause me to get HBO for those 3 months.

As for Debbie Pelt, CH called her a werefox in one book and a werelynx in another. I'm not sure which one she has decided is the right one.