Thursday, March 18, 2010

Again , No Bubba and more Lorena

Question: Do you know if True Blood’s third season will feature Bubba? He’s not exactly a major character in the books, but I still love him. —Kristal

Ausiello: Unfortunately, Alan Ball says he couldn’t figure out a way to introduce Bubba “without it being cheesy,” adding, “I don’t know how to do it without either using an Elvis impersonator, which is cheesy, or having somebody and never seeing their face, just hearing their voice — and to me that sounds equally cheesy. So that’s just one of the casualties of the transfer from book to screen.”

Question: Hello fellow Smurf lover! Any new scoop on the upcoming season of “True Blood”? —Candy

Ausiello: I’m 90 percent certain this is new: Mariana Klaveno is returning as Bill’s maker, Lorena, for roughly six episodes.


Rita said...

If Lorena is in around 6 episodes i
think that by the 6th.she will die.
And while i miss Bubba i understand
why he is not included.Is it not
June yet?

Sharon said...

I love Bubba, but I can see why it would be a problem to have him in the show. Lorena is getting a lot more time than she did in the books, which is a shame cause I really don't like her. She only got one scene in the books, if I remember correctly. I'm currently listening to Club Dead in my car so I'll know soon. I'm listening to Dead to the World in my other car, so it's kind of confusing.

Sarah said...

@Sharon: Well she got more time by being introduced during the second season, but for Alan Ball to stay true to Club Dead, she would have been more of a presence in Season 3 one way or the other because True Blood is not just Sookie's POV like the books are. Lorena was the one who kidnapped and tortured Bill, she would have been seen from his perspective during his whole captivity.

Andy said...

More Lorena probably means more Bill... so I'm OK with that. ;)

Bubba is missed. I guess he would be cheesy, but I wouldn't mind. It would be funny to see some kind of evidence of him. Perhaps a glimpse of a tabloid paper, or a cat that's been drained or something.

Just a little something for book fans to smile about. ;)