Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bloodsucking that doesn't suck Christopher Moore's trilogy gives readers a plot they can bite into and laugh about

For readers exasperated by the Twilight craze, Christopher Moore is here to save us from the melodrama with a vampire series that focuses more on the laughs than the lust of bloodsucking.
Bite Me: A Love Story is Moore's final book in the unofficial love trilogy, starring vampires Tommy and Jody and their non-vampire sidekick, Abby Normal. While it is pegged as a love story and, according to Moore, shows up on supernatural romance bookshelves, the story is much more a comedy that happens to have a love story plot.
People who have gotten exasperated with the wrist-to-forehead tragedy in Twilight really find relief with the comedy in my book. They want to read something a little darker, goofier, Moore said in an interview with Denver Daily News, also noting that his readership and that of Stephanie Meyers vampire work have a different readership.

Denver Daily

You can meet Christopher, get him to autograph your book and hear him read from his book in Denver this Sun day at 2:00 pm


Pinkie said...

Abby Normal was the best part of this book. She brought so much comic relief.