Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eric Northman's Dad is cast

It's Hans Tester

[ULFRICK]In his 40s to 50s.. warm, a battle-scarred Swedish Viking king, he is Eric’s (Alex Skarsgård) father, seen in a flashback to 900 A.D. Though they have a good relationship, there is some tension between father and son, because Ulfrick wants Eric to learn responsibility and behave in a manner befitting royalty…GUEST STAR

You might recognize him here are some of his past roles


Rita said...

OK!i guess we will find out when #5
Trouble comes on,don't really know
him,he looks kinda young to be Eric's

Anonymous said...

Wow perfect casting at least in the looks department. They just need to age him more. I was still hoping for Stellan, but hopefully will be pleasantly surprised. :D