Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HBO to dole out 15- to 20-second teasers every Sunday night: Fans guess 'Blood' death

Post what you think is happening in the scene !

ue Blood" storylines are locked up tight during the daylight hours, but it appears that a female character will end up six feet under by season's end.

That's what fans are taking away from a trailer released yesterday for the upcoming season of the smash-hit series.


In the 14-second teaser, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) is seen bruised and bloody, fighting with a shirtless ruffian and screaming, "Who sent you?" as Sookie Stackhouse wields a revolver.

However, it's another Merlotte waitress, Arlene Fowler (played by Carrie Preston), that fans believe to be the lady who won't live to see another season.

Carrie Preston stars as "True Blood's" Arlene Fowler.

Arlene has been at death's door before -- during both the first and second season finales. Adding fuel to the fire, Carrie just signed a multi-episode deal with CBS' "The Good Wife" and her husband told E! Online, "something shocking happens to Arlene [this season]."

HBO plans to dole out new 15- to 20-second teasers every Sunday night for the next few weeks to keep speculation going about the vampire opera, which has turned into the cable network's signature series.

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Rita said...

So glad to hear this,but i don't think that Arlene is out as she is in all the books,she was not in CD
except at the beginning and the end
so it would not be hard for her to
be in two things at one time JMO.

TeamEricSookie said...

I'll be looking forward to the next several Sunday nights to get quickie clips from those ultra teasers over at HBO. Also, we're only 6 weeks away from "Dead in the Family" being released. Woot! Woot!


Sarah said...

I hate the way Arlene's character turned out in the books, especially since I love her portrayal in the show. As much as I don't want her to die, I'd rather see her go than see her be so cruel to Sookie.

linda said...

I don't think Arlene will die all you book readers have an Idea who it will be. My guess as for what's going to happen to Arlene, with all that mindless orgy activity last season....... she already has two one more no big deal for her.

Flavia1923 said...

2 things....
How did fans take away from the clip that a female character will die? I read that statement over and over again, the clip shows nothing like that.

I think Lorena is the one that bites the dust, not Arlene. Linda mentioned the orgys last year, could Arlene be pregnant with Terry's baby???
Just my thoughts.

Selle Castaigneda said...

I believe we'll find that Coot (the Were) will turn out to be Arlene's ex-man and the father of Lisa. We saw a previous spoiler which said Arlene won't like all these weird things coming into her life and she'll do something about it. So that's got to come into play, too. Hmm. So now comes this new spoiler of something shocking happening to Arlene. It'd be wild if she got Were-bitten and became a Were.

Andy said...

All this talk of Arlene dying/ leaving. I'm concerned about her kids, too! I sure hope Eric and Pam don't become their keepers. (I just have flashbacks of Arlene's kids from last season). I'm just gonna hope that if she does leave, it's in a good way and with her kids (not a bloody mess)!