Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pottrait of a Woman : Charlaine Harris in London !

Okay so I haven't been writing in a while *sorry*. And I do have two articles on the front burner for the record.

I am just writing a quick note to say that last Tuesday, Charlaine Harris (the incredible writer behind the Sookie Stackhouse series for the ignorants among you) was in London at the Prince Charles Cinema in collaboration with Waterstones for a Q&A with her fans and book signings. We had a promotion clip of the second season of True blood too, but as most of the other girls in the audience, I had already seen it! As you can see she signed my book (and I am not the headless dude in the back but the one in very sober and discreet pink and purple).

One word after this night: she is fantastic! When you look at her - and I don't mean to be disrespectful to people over 60 - you just think she's a sweet grandmother that you will gladly help out crossing the street. She has a sweet accent from the South (of the US that is) which just brings you to hot Louisiana with a glass of lemonade on the side.
But if anything, she is one kick ass grandmother! She is extraordinarily funny and energetic (you should have heard her tease the swooning girls in the audience with "well I actually touched Alexander Skarsgard"!). She was very humble, close and available to everyone (yes, I know, it usually helps on a promotional tour, but still).
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Rita said...

She looked great as usual,never seems to tire in talking about the

linda said...

Quinn will make an appearance..... I have always felt he was more a means to an end; Eric, and was dealt with badly. I know few agree with me.


Romain said...

The girl in pink is so damn sexy!
Oh my god!