Tuesday, March 30, 2010

True Blood season 3, female character to die (spoiler alert)

I do not believe for one minute Alan Ball is going to kill off Arlene ...she might leave Bon Temps with the kids and be absent some this year or just with most of the events happening in Jackson, we won't see much of her....the female character that will die WE ALL KNOW is Lorena and as Sookie says "I killed her ass"

HBO's hit vampire show 'True Blood' could possibly be losing a cast member. According to E! online's Kristin Dos Santos a female character is scheduled to bite the dust.

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Sources tells Kristin that "a female character" will die in season 3. E! Also reports that Carrie Preston who plays Merlotte's red headed waitress Arlene has been cast for "multiple" episodes on CBS' 'The Good Wife.'

According to Ryan Kwanten who plays Sookie's big brother Jason Stackhouse season 3 is about "halfway through shooting the season." So, does this mean that Preston's character Arlene is the female death? No! fans of the show everywhere are shouting. Arlene brings a certain extra something to the show. But it seems to be a big possibility that Arlene could be the character who dies in season 3. If you're a 'True Blood' fans you're probably wondering what will happen to her two children. Could they possibly end up with Bill and Sookie?

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Rita said...

Well i for one do not think it is
Arlene the one to die will be Lorena
and if i am not on for a few days
am having computer trouble my son
is working on it.

" Dallas " said...

Thanks Rita -hope you get back up soon

Anonymous said...

If people really want to know what's going to happen before the episodes air, they should read the books. In the 3rd book, Bill has been summoned by Lorena and is forced to return to her with Sookie left high and dry, having no idea where he is or why he left. Eric helps her find him and discover his betrayal, she kills Lorena in order to free him from her bonds. Read the books!