Monday, March 15, 2010

True Blood' Season 3 Gets An Official Premiere Date!

According to our good pal (otherwise known as Wikipedia), "The number 13 is associated with bad luck in some countries, and even has a specifically recognized phobia, Triskaidekaphobia." Well, throw that definition out the window because thanks to the folks in Bon Temps, that numeral should now be considered very lucky!

Why is that you ask? Oh because on Sunday, June 13, 2010, season three of the hit HBO series "True Blood" will premiere!! This is so exciting for oh-so-many reasons (you know, besides the fact that Alexander Skarsgard will finally return — naked — to our living rooms), but because we don't have enough time or space to list them all, just know that this chapter of the show will flaunt a badass new werewolf (who comes complete with real wolves), a new boy toy for Lafayette, a new girl for boy toy Jason Stackhouse, an "erotic connection" between Sam and Bill and, last but not least, cameos by Godric!!

While you're chewing on this news, Crushers, tell us below what you're most looking forward to see on "True Blood" come June!


Rita said...

Hope we get to see more Pam .

TeamEricSookie said...

Hooray! Sinful Sundays will make their return during the sizzling appropriate! I'm so looking forward to a great season.