Monday, March 22, 2010

True Blood Season 3 : Waiting Sucks !

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Rita said...

You know that reminds me of the last
chapter of CD where Eric was fighting
the weres after he and Sookie get
back to her house from their drive
back to BT.

Rita said...

Well if the clip is from ep.#3 then
i guess it is not from the last
chapter,but that is what it sure looks like,and i see that his hair
is darker but the color does not
bother me as we know Pam lightens it
in season #2 so maybe she colored it
or cut it again.Is it June yet?

Rita said...

Well i finally figured it out,this is
the part that Bubba killed the were
at the start of the book only it is Eric that saves Sookie from the were.

Sharon said...

Oh, Rita, you are so funny. This scene is just as likely to be new material that AB has made up as to be from the books. But it could be the scene where the were gets killed, just not by Bubba. He does keep yelling "Who sent you?" which is what Sam and Sookie were wondering at the time.

We just have to wait until June, as hard as that is.

linda said...

Nice to see something, but 15 sec., too short. I hope the clips get a little longer.
Rita, I think your theory it right on.
Sookie is wearing Bill's engagement ring. Where's Bill?