Wednesday, March 17, 2010

True Blood Star Carrie Preston Is really now a fiesty red -head

True Blood star Carrie Preston has decided to really get into her character and has transformed into the fiery red-head that she plays on the hit HBO show. The natural blonde decided that she wanted to look more like her character Arlene Fowler and was there as Carrie transformed into a feisty red head!

“I was a little tired of going to work and nobody recognizing me,” Carrie told exclusively as she spent the day at Gavert Atelier Salon in Beverly Hills where Stuart Gavert and Mika Fowler created her stunning new look.

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Carrie wears a red wig on the show, and described what happened when she went to work each day with her natural blonde hair. “People who I worked with for two seasons would say hi and introduce themselves to me,” she laughed. “Next season I’ll ditch the wig and use my own hair,” Carrie told

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Rita said...

I think Carrie looks great and i am sure she will feel a lot better.