Monday, April 5, 2010

Carrie is asked about Arlene in Season 3

Everyone thinks this means that you're not going to be on 'True Blood.'
That's so funny. Well, obviously I can't comment on what's happening on 'True Blood,' but I will say that I go through stretches where they don't need me. We have a cast of about 1,000 on 'True Blood.' [Laughs] I'm not kidding, we've got 20 series regulars, or at least people who do more than half the episodes. Then we have at least another 20 guest stars and stuff, so the writers are servicing many, many people. We all end up -- even Anna [Paquin] and Stephen [Moyer] -- having a stretch of time where we're not working. 'The Good Wife' caught me during one of those times, so I did an episode and right now, we're in discussions with 'True Blood' for me to do more.

More episodes of 'The Good Wife'?
Yes, yes. But, I'm definitely not going to be with 'The Good Wife' full-time; it's recurring.

Fans pointed out that Arlene isn't in the third book that much ...
That's correct. Although, we're not really following the books at all

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Rita said...

Arlene is not in this book at all,
maybe at the begining and the end is
all.But she is not going to die as
we the readers know.