Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dead in the Family NOT in Kindle format ?

Maybe I’ve been under a rock lately, but I was floored to see that the book (that I already pre-ordered for my Kindle) is no longer available! Apparently Penguin and Amazon can’t reach an agreement on eBook pricing leading to no new Penguin books in Kindle format being released as of April 1.

The hardback version of Dead in the Family is only $9.99 if you pre-order is right now… however the eBook version (that is still showing up in my Open Orders…) was $10.80. I gotta say that I will not be pleased if I’m charged more for a digital copy of a book than what the hardback costs. (Which reminds me… have you read Jennifer’s Were We Actually Promised Cheap eBooks? post because you should!).


linda said...

I love my Kindle but some books I need to read and have in book form such as "Dead in the Family" and all the Sookie books.


Tara SG (25 Hour Books) said...

Thanks for sharing my post!

I updated it today to let everyone know that Amazon officially canceled my Kindle pre-order and does not think that the eBook will be available May 4 :(

@ linda : I would definitely have bought the paperback when it came out (I too love to have my favorite series on my book shelf), but I wasn't planning on getting the hardback which I now have reserved at a local book store :/

Tara SG -

Keyse said...

there is a major ebook war taking tried to have ebooks all cost 9.99 at a loss to their profits, apple and some publishers are fighting to charge more

Unknown said...

I have bought all previous Sookie books. But I love my kindle more than I love Sookie. I will not purchase a hardback. I will not pay over $9.99 for an ebook.

So instead, I will borrow the book from library for FREE. Charlaine will earn nothing from me until this is fixed.

Keyse said...

i really want a kindle bc reading from a LCD screen is crappy...oi...oh wait, i need money before i buy either...hard back it is :)

Unknown said...

I agree with Nicole, I love Sookie but I purchased my kindle so I wouldn't have to go to the store, hunt down a book (or wait sometimes weeks simply for it to ship), and clutter up my home with physical copies of everything I read. Looks like I'm going to have to abandon this series.

Publishers need to recognize that there are actually a lot of folks that are thinking along the same lines that I am and that in the long run, they're losing customers.

" Dallas " said...

Yes, not only the Kindle but the Nook from Barnes and Noble and those of us that have spent a pretty penny on the iPad sure want to see an e-book!!

Elizabeth said...

I certainly won't be buying in in hardback. Ebooks SHOULD be cheaper because they are not tangible -- you can not resell them or share them with a friend (at least not a friend who doesn't have the same ereader as you). There is no production cost. I'm really upset about this -- I've been waiting for this book for months and now may not read it at all.