Wednesday, April 21, 2010

E asks 'Which Vampire Gives Better Bedhead? '-Ha!


We've mentioned that True Blood and Twilight differ substantially in the Twitterverse, but now we can't help but notice a stunning similarity between two of our most fave bloodsucking hunks.

Robert Pattinson has been rockin' the bedhead, messy -chic look forever, and it has totally become one of his signature stud-characteristics, right Twi-hards? Messy hair is to R.Pattz what makeup is to Zac Efron—you never see one without the other.

Enter über-sexy Alexander Skarsgård, who's on the cover of fashion mag V Man looking perfect as usual.


Sharon said...

Who fixes these guys hair? It must be ugly people who are trying to make the beautiful people look silly. Where I live, Texas, men comb their hair. These guys look like they stuck their fingers in a light socket. I hope Alex gets over this. Seems to be a Hollywood thing to me.

What do you guys think?

linda said...

For AS that was a magazine cover (out of his control) and I think he pulls off any look and does not look like that out on the street. As for RP I don't know, I guess his fans love his hair.


Rita said...

I don't like their hair either,i just want
to get a comb or brush to it,i don't under
stand why these hair people think hair has to look like that.I was a hairdresser
for 15 years and never did i see anythind
like this.I really feel for Alex and

Sharon said...

Linda, I'm sure you are right. That's why I made the comment about the ugly hair stylists. I don't think AS would choose it. But RP always wears his like that so I guess he likes it.

Toni-Ann said...

first of all trueblood and that other crap twilight shouldnt even be in the same sentence....its crap and trueblood is great!!!! cant wait for it to come back!!!.and Bill and sookie are definitely the two i would like to be locked up with!!!!!

Diane said...

Well, since I never had the honor, I really don't know. lol But, since RP only washes his hair hopefully at least once a month. His is really a bedhead. AS can wear any bedhead he wants, I would still be in awe of this man. Vampire or not!!!!! If I had to choose it would so be Vampire Eric!!!!!!!!!