Friday, April 2, 2010

Ladies, start your Sookie/Pam slashfic: Anna Paquin says she’s bisexual

From our friends at Camp Blood

OMG, what is that old traditionalist Bill Compton gonna have to say about THIS?!


In a rather unexpected moment of candor, Anna Paquin told the world that she is bisexual while recording a video PSA for the True Colors Fund, the LGBT visibility and awareness group started by the awesome (and totally straight) Cyndi Lauper.

Apparently no one was expecting Paquin to bring such a personal element to the PSA, as she has apparently never mentioned being bisexual in an interview before. Go Anna!

Sookie Monster confused (and oddly aroused…)

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RFlatstone said...

I feel vindicated. What did I tell you, Dallas, way back when you were asking us to pick teams? Everyone was "Team Eric" or "Team Bill," and I boldly declared myself "Team Pam!"

And, if I might add, "MMM, *drool*, Oh, MY!"

RFlatstone said...

Oh, yeah, and if anyone DOES create any Sookie/Pam slashfic, PLEASE share!

lafemmetopaz said...

Well good for her. I still don't see why its so important that we know someone's sexuality. Anyone's sexuality.

Selle Castaigneda said...

I agree with lafemmetopaz. If I were bisexual, I'd keep it to myself and to the people in my life rather than be the poster girl for something so completely mysterious and misunderstood as bisexuality. If one is going to say they're bisexual to the national and world news ezines, perhaps it's best to add a little more to it, IDK. The first thing I thought when I saw this was "what does this mean for her and Stephen, if anything at all?". Now, yes, that might be rude, but it was my gut reaction and I'm guessing it was alot of other folks' first response, too.

I bet when the HBO PR department saw it, they probably just sat and stared with their jaws open and slack.

What I don't know about bisexuality is alot. I'm not prejudiced against folks who are, one of my daughter's best friends is bi and one of my oldest friends says she's bi (although I've not seen her partake of the same sex). I just don't understand what it means and I don't understand how it's related to gayness and the "give a damn" campaign. Someone, please enlighten me, I need enlightening here. :)

" Dallas " said...

I have no idea ...but I love you guys.

You know I stay away from the Hollywood, actors personal lives stuff as much as possible, because I don't care ...I appreciate their talent as I do Charlaine's but my interest doesn't extend to their personal lives and the Hollywood paparazzi world of photos of every spoonful of food at every meal. It just doesn't interest me ..and there are plenty of other sites that cover that kind of stuff.

I hope this is good for her personally, her family ( including Stephen ) and her career !

What does Hallmark Hall of Fame think of this ???

Selle Castaigneda said...

Dallas, agreed. It's TMI for me. And yeah, Hallmark Hall of Fame, a company I associate with ultra-convervatism, people who stay away from much sex and especially away from people's sexual tastes.

And I feel it's okay to say that I just can't assimilate this info into my image of Anna as one of America's and New Zealand's little sweethearts. Now with this info, I find myself wondering, what does Stephen think of this, really think of it, in his private moments, his heart of hearts? Does he wonder if Anna is satisfied with him sexually? Are half his manfriends congratulating him because they think he gets to have two women in bed now and the other of his manfriends telling him he needs to run not walk away from her because she will break his heart when she leaves him for a woman?

And all this associated with our favorite show. Now we have to watch Anna portray Sookie and try to mentally block out Anna's bigger-than-life personal life pushing its way into our consciousness as we watch Sookie.

It's like with Anna and Stephen revealing they are a real-life couple, why did we even need to know that? We didn't.

Dallas, I'm sorry if this is too negative. If you need to delete this commment, I swear, I understand.

Rita said...

I think this is not any thing to me,and what they do when alone is
up to them,i don't care what their
sex life is just let them be the
actor and actress that they are.

Sharon said...

I would be surprised if she had not discussed this with Stephen beforehand. They probably have a pretty open relationship. I would assume they agreed that her making this announcement would show support and understanding of the gay, lesbian and bi community.

In a way, it's like the women who burned their bras during the 60's to support women's lib. People made fun of them, but it takes strong steps to get people's attention sometimes. Without those burned bras, women might not have come as far as we have on the liberation trail. Not that all is completely equal, but it probably never will be.

So good for Anna for speaking up. But I still don't want to see Bill and Sam or Eric and Lafayette in a sexual dream sequence. I can close my eyes, though.

Aquila said...

Quote : What does Hallmark Hall of Fame think of this ???
Well then this campaign is really necessary. No one should be ashame of revealing who they really are by fear that they will not get work or be fired. It's like me not being able to say that I like black guys as much as white guys because my boss doesn't like them (or fat, small, from an another religion... choose from it). Anna choose to speak like that not to scandalize the world but because she can relate to the subjet of equal rights... And funny enough you find all that in True Blood too.
Also for some people who don't like to read gossip, I find them quite quick to speculate on her private life... Before it was about Stephen past relationships and kids, after it was the fact that she will have torid scenes with other men. Now it's because she likes any kind of people. They are engaged, I think it's quite a statement of seriousness!
I'm sorry to appear so blunt, but I worship Anna and I'm so proud of her action...

" Dallas " said...

Selle-I understand and that's OK lots of folks are emotional about this.

Like Aquila for example - ha!

I really meant becoming a HIGH profile spokesperson for 'We Give a Damn' more than just now becoming one of the planets best know bisexuals as far as conservative family companies like Hallmark. I don't know how that effects actors careers -maybe it doesn't and won't.

Like I said "I hope this is good for her personally, her family ( including Stephen)and her career !"

Everyone can join and become involved here:

linda said...

This was a very courageous and timely act by Anna knowing it would invite more media & paparazzi into her already hounded life.
A brave woman!