Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ABC hits the TWILIGHT and TRUE BLOOD crowd with THE GATES

There was a teaser floating around earlier today for a new ABC series called THE GATES. Since it didn't really show ANYTHING aside from UNDERWORLD's Rhona Mitra in fangs, I didn't post it. Now there's a new, extended HD promo for the series that popped up tonight on ABC's YouTube page. THE GATES is premiering Sunday June, 20th as a part of ABC's Summer Lineup. With the lucky 13 episode order in place, will THE GATES stay open for long, or will this suffer the fate of HAPPY TOWN and EASTWICK? There looks to be some sexy Vampire/Werwolf action, so we're definitely hitting the TWILIGHT SAGA/TRUE BLOOD/VAMPIRE DIARIES realm, but the setting is more "Wysteria Lane." Check out the synopsis and trailer below.

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Rita said...

Hope it don't come on the same time True
Blood comes on.

Jasperann said...

It comes on 10/9c so I could have a vampire/werewolf marathon each Sunday night. lol I might check it out.