Thursday, May 20, 2010

Evan Lysacek: Dancing With Twilight and True Blood!

Hello True Blood casting, get this Olympian into at least a walk on !

What's this I hear about the dance last night being inspired by Twilight?
There were some props involved, but our dress rehearsal was such a disaster. I tried to glue fangs on my teeth but they fell off. They drew a widow's peak on my forehead, but then I started sweating and had black dripping down my face. I was supposed to pull the cape off of Anna's dress and instead I pulled her real skirt. So we eliminated the fangs and the widow's peak and the Dracula-type thing and made it a little more subtle. Some people I think got it and got that I was biting her on the neck. Tonight we're doing the repeat dance, so I might try [the fangs] again. I'm thinking about it.

So, are you a Twilight fan? Have you seen the movie?
Yeah and I really enjoyed it, but actually I love True Blood. I'm obsessed with True Blood. I think [Anna] was coming at it from more of a Twilight angle and I was coming at it from True Blood. I travel with the True Blood DVDs and I get so hooked. Last year I was doing a show and missed my number because I was watching backstage. They announced me and I wasn't there! I was too enthralled with the show.

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