Monday, May 17, 2010

Talk Blood: "Dead in the Family" show podcast is up!

** Podcast below -because of technical difficulties skip 1st 12 minutes and the complete show starts !

Thanks to all for joining and listening to our discussion of the latest Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead in the Family.

I was joined by my lovely co-host @SookieBonTemps and Tina from the Sookieverse blog as well as our own BillOhBill / Mary Kay from the wiki and twitter. You can subscribe to podcasts through Blogtalk and you will receive notices of and reminders you can also subscribe through itunes!
Check out all the shows here Wow, last night was our 44th show !

Note *** There was a little glitch at the beginning of the show ala Blogtalk Radio so be a little patient and keep listening the rest of the show is fine ! Thanks to everyone, especially all the old gang from the HBO wiki !
Below is the chat room transcript ...

Blogtalk Dead in the Family Show May17 Chatroom transcript