Wednesday, May 26, 2010

True Blood gives views a taste of the first ever QR code for TV

QR codes are practically unheard of anywhere outside of Japan, but that doesn’t mean that they should be ignored. The trailer for the upcoming season 3 of HBO’s True Blood contains a QR code that sends your mobile phone to the HBO mobi site for the show.

QR codes were never pitched as the next media revolution to save the world, but they’re a cheap and simple additional layer for kids that know what the hell they are. We wish they were used more widely here in the appropriate circumstances, but maybe that day is yet to come.

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Rita said...

I'm sorry Dallas i guess i am just dumb
cause i understand what the QR code is or
what it is suppose to do would someone
please tell me.

Rita said...

don't understand

" Dallas " said...

It is NOTHING but a new fangled bar code - just think scanning a bar code but you can embed more information into a QR than we can in a barcode - so it's just that nothing more !

They can embed url to web sites and the new cell phones can use software to read them ..
more here if you want to read up on them

Rita said...

Thanks Dallas i am just getting old and
some things don't register like they
used to i guess,will be 64 July 24th.
26 more yrs. and i will be your age.So i
guess i am still a spring chicken.HA!HA!

" Dallas " said...

hahah yes, being 90 is a bit of a challenge assuming I'm human .....

Happy Birthday in advance !

Yeah, sometimes things are MUCH simpler that than are made out to be's a geek thing !

Rita said...

You have a great day Dallas!