Monday, May 31, 2010

True Blood Music Video of the Day: I hate everything about you!

I hate everything about you!
Thanks , AleHysteria29


Sharon said...

Sure glad this clip is back up. I've been anxiously awaiting it.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

Sharon said...

Oops! I found that Eric naked in the basement at the bottom of the video and that's what triggered my comment above.

Thanks for the video of the day. Always love the Eric vids!

Rita said...

Really good clips the song is good,love
the Eric videos to.Happy Memorial Day to
Sharon and Dallas! I just got finished
watching 4 different war movies and you
know it can really get to you after a
while as you can get connected to the
characters just like Sookie,think i have
seen enough war for a while.

EIBBED said...

I dnt know if it is just me or other people out there, but Eric needs to grow out his hair. Come on, Eric looks more like the Alex (i know guy cant change the way he looks...and I wouldn't want him too) but Alex needs to go back with hair extensions, wig or just grow it out.. Eric has long hair. I want to see ALEX Portray ERIC as best as he can but with all the physical features of ERIC.