Friday, June 4, 2010

The CW Offers a Double Dose of Vampires with Moonlight and Vampire Diaries on Fridays

As much as I love Supernatural, I really don't mind the CW has moved them over to Fridays in order to pair the vampire TV show Moonlight with The Vampire Diaries.

Moonlight was Alex O'Loughlin's first big TV gig here in the states. The series ran on CBS but tanked in the ratings despite having such a popular star and such a popular concept.

Mick St. John is a vampire private detective. He's cool, charming, and a real do-gooder who only gets his blood from the blood bank. O'Loughlin rocked the vampire role playing it with a bit of old Hollywood noir but I never quite fell for his leading lady, Sophia Miles as Beth Turner.

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Rita said...

I hate that there will be no new episodes
after all the show has been gone through
really love the show.

linda said...

I'm happy CW is showing Moonlighting because I missed it the first time.


Emma said...

I've watched all the eps. Silly and fun, totally doesnt take itself seriously. I love Jason Dohring who plays Josef Kostan in Moonlight, and I was disappointed the show was cancelled