Friday, June 18, 2010

Kristin Bauer talks Pam

For an actor, there's obvious appeal in playing a supporting character. Aside from the reduced time commitment, there's less pressure since the project doesn't ride on their shoulders and are typically given the best lines. So when a show upgrades a fan favorite from recurring to full time -- as "True Blood" did with vampire Pam for season three -- there is some fan fear involved.
Mostly we worry everything we loved about the character will be thrown out the window in order to create a three dimensional person. But once again "True Blood" proves itself to be unflappable since they've been able to retain everything we adored about Kristin Bauer's character while also giving us what we never knew we always wanted -- more.
More pink, more one-liners and more of a grasp on who this woman truly is. After coming out of the series regular gate like a champ, we caught up with Kristin to find out where Pam is headed this season, if she'll be doing it in a pastel shade and why she had to taunt us with stories of naked Alexander Skarsgard.
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PopWrap: Not trying to be biased, but I think Pam had some of the best scenes in Sunday's season premiere.
Kristin Bauer: It’s been like that all season. I get an email saying, “the script’s coming” and I stay home to read them immediately. And every single script that came was a new reveal about who Pam is and that has been endlessly fun. The sarcasm has stayed and the great outfits have stayed, but they’ve added this other layer where we actually find out who she is, how deep her relationship with Eric is, sexually who she is, how tough she is, how loyal she is and it’s incredibly fun.

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Rita said...

I love Pam she is just like Pam in the books ,but one thing is different is kids
just not the same,glad to see that we will
get more of her this year,am worried about
what is going to happen to her when we see her chained in the basement.