Sunday, June 27, 2010

LA Times 'True Blood' Saturdays: 'This one only ate tangerines for a week'

Every week, I read your comments on my latest "True Blood" post, and I get e-mails and Tweets from you guys, and I'm blown away both by your devotion to the show and your desire to discuss it. Even those of you who could not disagree more fervently with me on certain points are at least somewhat respectful, and I thought, like with "Lost," you deserved a place to talk about the episode that was. So, for the next few weeks at least, let's have us some "True Blood" Saturdays, a time to talk about what you thought about the episode that just aired and how it differs from what I thought.

But first, let's talk about some good news. "True Blood" has been renewed for a fourth season! Not that this was in any doubt, really, since the show is HBO's No. 1-rated show and a legitimate sensation, insofar as buzz goes. But it's always nice to have a little security as you head deeper into the season, security that will let you know that regardless of how this season ends and regardless of its quality, there will be at least one more season for the show to string out its storyline. How long will "True Blood" last? Who knows, but there are nearly a dozen books in the series that inspired the show, so there's probably plenty of room to continue.

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Rita said...

First let me say,you can not please all the people all the time as someone has
said,so no biggie,season 1 was to get to
know the characters,season 2 started
story lines.I think i hated Maryann story
line the most but by the time Sam killed
her that was the best sence in that episode.And Godric was the best story line
ok now season 3 has gotten off to a good
start and Bill and Lorena,just like in
season 2 Bill hit Lorena on the head with
a flat screen tv,and now we get Bill
setting Lorena on fire loved it,now the
wolves they are great maybe not alot
of people, i think that some people
would like them to be cgi but that is
not how i see them in the books just
turn into wolves and will be in the
books from now on,will have to see in the show,can't wait for the show to
night to see what is in store for us.